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If a person wanted to start my brain boiling in confusion, they would say ‘black and white’!

A person who spends a lot of time doing crafts, making quilts, cooking good meals, and trying to make  their words into pictures for others to ‘see’, has a problem with ‘black and white’. Or at least I do! My brain sees in COLOR! Bright, vivid, flamboyant color.

I finally came up with something… it’s an older picture, but it is something I love and use often. When I’m not using it, it is on the back of the chair for anyone who comes by to see that there is a little ‘black and white’ in my colorful world. I used my embroidery machine to make the ‘ladies’ and a pattern from a friend for the top of this lap robe size quilt that shares my world, keeping me toasty warm on a cool evening, wrapping a sleepy toddler or tucking in a grandchild who is ‘sleeping over’

Truly, I love this space, but seldom spend a lot of time here. I generally have  ‘places to be and things to do’ as my father would say. This is kind of my half hour haven in the house.

I feel fortunate to take some time to stretch out, sew, knit, read or do a crossword puzzle, in this quiet spot.

The past two days have been the exception, some sort of illness attacked and since yesterday, racked with lots of aches and fever,  I have spent most of my time cuddled down, with a favorite quilt, surrounded by things that bring me comfort. Some tasty green tea, in large doses has been appreciated as well.

Perhaps tomorrow, I will feel more ‘like myself’ (not sure who I have been for two days) ajd return to the other corner I inhabit – the one in my kitchen.