I am giving a wedding shower for grandson’s fianceee. SATURDAY! Yes, in two days!
Not that there has not been a lot of planning going on, but this morning I realized that I had not purchased a gift.
Thinking about what might be a ‘practical’ thing, since this is the merger of ‘bachelor living’ and ‘coming from mom and dad’s’, they can use all sorts of things.
My idea list was:
a clothes basket, laundry supplies, maybe a roll of clotheslind and pins
kitchen utensils ( Okay this one is in hopes of getting mine that have been borrowed back)
a collection of familoy recipes
basic home tools, hammer, screwdrivers, duct tape and such
basic first aid kit for the home
pans and a few items to make a simple meal or two…
It’s hard to know, but any of these things or a combination would be good for a couple starting out.
I am pretty sure what ever I can come up with will work.
Anyway, there will be some games, cake and decorations – I do know that!
Really I am looking forward to this event, and to this new addition to our family