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Yes, it’s coming! Here is an easy project that you can use for yourself a gift or a sewing lesson for a beginner. It’s a simple quilted potholder. And who can’t use one of those? You will need:

2 – 9 /2 inch squares of fabric

1 – 9 1/2 inch square of Insulbright heat resistant material. It is available at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s and Wal-Mart. ( three layers of cotton batting can be used. That is how Granny made them back in the day.)

A small piece or ribbon or bias tape (approximately 4 inches)

Scissors or rotary cutter and mat


Sewing machine

Knitting needle or wooden spoon

Step 1.  Two pieces of fabric and one of Insulbright Step 2. Place fabric pieces right sides together on top of Insulbright.

Step 3. Mark a 3 inch gap along one side, stitch around the piece using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Trim the corners diagonally to cut down bulk on the finished potholder.

Step 4.  Gently  push  and turn the piece, until the batting is in the center and both fabric pieces are turned right side out on the top and bottom. Step 5. Using knitting needle or wooden spoon handle, push out the corners of your potholder.

Step 6.  Center the ribbon or bias tape hanger in the gap, fold in seam allowance and top stitch with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Step 7. Quilt your potholder. You can use straight lines or any design you can think up.  I stitched along the seams of the pieces in the top block.Step 8. Trim threads.

You now have a potholder to use or give as a gift.

It really was not lost, it was right here: http://www.nativeamericanstarquilts.net/ and I was happy I found it!

Even happier to find a collection of fabrics in my material wealth that looked pretty good for the project. When I laid out the strips I found the orange was a bit too bright so I changed that color…

Part of it made and lying on the bed to get a perspective.

Red? That is the photoaday prompt. What in my world is RED? Cardinals, Folgers coffee can? Coca Cola? Maple buds, Fire bush blossoms?

All of the above, and a number of other things… so here is my personal choice for today.

This old red granite building has been around as long as I can remember. I have no idea what its original purpose might have been. When I first saw it, the roof was intact, but years of weather and neglect have taken that away.

It sits beside a rural highway, next to a small stream, between Johnson Shut In’s and the town of Ironton.

This area has a lot of red granite, and there are several buildings made of it. Houses, a couple of schools. Small quarrys still bring the rock out of these old mountains, the bedrock of our world.

So, I pay tribute to my heritage with this tough stone. Like these rocks, we can be broken up, reshaped and changed, but old Ozark natives stand strong, hard as the stony land we come from and last a long time.

‘Elf shoes’

One year for Christmas, my daughters recieved a delightful gift. They called them ‘elf shoes’. Hand knit by the sister of their great grandmother, cozy, warm and soft! The girls wore out several pairs as they grew up, a great and useful gift!
I knit a little, and thinking about these, made a search on good old Google to see if I could find a pattern for them.
Sure enough, Google came through. http://www.needlebeetle.com/free/boots.htm.
I have a pretty good stash of yarn and lots of needles…I think I can whip up an acceptable pair.
Must be a good idea! Just mentioned to one of the daughters that I had found the pattern and was answered with “I will take a size 7”.
Perhaps the girls will once again get ‘Elf Shoes’ for Christmas??