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A moment of perfection

Cedar Grove on Upper Current River, my special ‘place’.

Sycamores stand sentinal across the river, reflected in a pool of water left from recent flooding.

A perfect spot for my reflection too.

Not far down the river, a bluff holds ancient faces watching this section of the world. A thousand thousand years have passed, gray granite, unseeing eyes.

Peace reigns on this day, no kayaks, no canoes, no campers. Trout are hungry in the water, rising to Hubby’s bait. The world it beautiful and full of wonder.

If you counted the presents for my birthday, or what was wrapped up under the tree, it looked pretty meager.
If you count the well wishes, cards and calls, the family time, the home made food and cake, it’s a whole different story!
Hubby kidnapped me one day last week for an adventure with the camera. Hiking through snow near Current River, watching wildlife and exploring old buildings. A picnic lunch and ‘time’ to rnjoy the world of winter together.
No, no one took me out to eat, son-in-law made lasagna and the grandkids made a cake.
birthday 006
Family time, visiting, playing checkers and mancala, sharing thoughts, ideas, laughter, plans and love.
No one got me anything fancy or expensive, but I was very pleased to get craft supplies that will be used and are a pay it forward. More than likely someone else will end up with the things that will be made from them.
I did not make a Christmas dinner, we gathered for a pot of chili on Christmas eve, and enjoyed a dinner made by our daughter and grand daughter on Christmas day.
I don’t need a lot of ‘things’ anymore. I can count my blessings, be grateful for what I have and be very content with it. I am blessed and life for us on Sunrise Ridge is good.

My daughter in North Carolina called today. She had been out walking some ‘wild’ country and had run across a plant she was curious about.
She gave a detailed description of the plant and I suggested that it was a trillium.
I also suggested that she obtain a North Carolina wildflower/plant guide. She found a resource online and verified that it was a trillium plant. http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/hort/consumer/factsheets/wildflowers/trillium_sessile.html
A year ago, My cousin Nancy, sister, Bobbie Jo and I took a day out to enjoy the grandness of Missouri’s early spring. It was much warmer than this spring has been and things were blooming, including the lovely trillium. you can click the link below and read about it.

The prompt for August 7 was 8 o’clock. Luckily we arrived at the river at 7:56 giving me time to get out of the truck and snap a photo at 8 AM!

The prompt for August 8 was’ glasses’.

From our camping place I got to enjoy the river through my rose colored glasses as the sun came up.

Earlie this Spring, Hubby and I went to a favorite place on Current River. As you can see from my accouterments, I staked out a picnic table to enjoy the day. Yes, of course I brought my camera gear, something to drink, snacks and a book or two…

Hubby fished, I enjoyed the beauty and wonder of burgeoning Spring.

The view of the river never fails to fill me with joy, wonder and content.

Here it is so you can enjoy it with me!

Hidden away on Upper Current River,  Ozarks National Scenic Riverways, Welch Spring tumbles water into the river.

It’s a hike in to see the spring and ruins of an old hospital built there.

Grab a bottle of water and go! It is an easy walk and well worth it!

It is not really calm here on Sunrise Ridge this morning. Parker is here, he is getting much more active at 5 months and is havoing some ‘fussy’ issues with teething. That is fine, all babies go through this stage and soon he will be equipped with some teeth to go with his baby smiles!

We put him in his ‘scooter this morning too, he can’t make the noisy things work but has figured out how to get Grampa and Uncle Brett to push things and flip them to entertain him. 😉

He is getting the world figured out!

The photo prompt is ‘calm’ so I looked through the picture files and came up with one of my favorites. Hubby fishing and enjoying a peaceful morning at Cedar Grove on upper Current River, waiting for a trout ot cooperate with his efforts.

There are so many concepts of art. Here is one I like, watching a woman make traditional bobbin lace at the Ozark Heritage day was fascinating.

It surely takes weaving and knot tying to a level I would never have imagined.

Here is a link for a video I made of part of the demonstration  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x5IGQXmbFA&feature=plcp

Saturday was a grand and gloriuos day shared with friends at Ozark Heritage Day, held at Big Spring on the lovely Current River.

THe event was sponsored by the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, as a part of their ongoing challenge to not only showcase the wonders of the rivers, but to impart some knowledge about the people and history of the area.

I met a lovely lady who was kind enough not only to pose for a picture but to play her dulcimer for an audience of one. me.

to listen to her play, click here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37lnQCCgk0A&feature=plcp

She told me she had never picked up a dulcimer until she was 70, and here she is doing demonstrations to share her abilities and some wonderful history at this event.

Yes! I like hats, and I wear hats…

This ‘hat’ picture goes with the previous post.https://oldentimes.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/it-was-the-best-of-times/  This is grandson Dalton, quite obviously on a mission of his own making.

It is probably one of those pictures he will not want me to show his friends or fiancee in future years, but I love it and all the memories that go with it!