A few years ago, when one of the grandsons turned 16, I gave us both a present.
It was “Fan Appreciation Day” at our local dirt race track. Several ‘big name’ NASCAR personalities were going to be there and because we both enjoy the sport I felt a need to take us out for the night.
This only required a bit of doing, changing my work schedule and promising to take a lot of pictures for those who stayed behind to fill in for me… pictures of cars, stars and night racing under the lights.
The young man and I got there early and I paid for pit passes, so we could get up close and personal with the drivers.
or me it was a spectacular evening, but even more for the grandson, who was recruited by one of the smaller local teams to help out on the pit crew.
I know he remembers it well, his birthday is coming up and he mentioned that the other night as one of the best birthday gifts he ever had.