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Don’t turn your back!

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The nights are getting longer! Mama Rosie has decided that the corner is no longer a proper place for the beagle family to spend the night. Getting one or the other of us up at least once a night is becoming the norm.
Waking up to squealing pups is not pleasant! Nearly stepping on one is even worse! Not only is Mama moving them from time to time, but they are becoming mobile on their own too.
I am really trying to understand how she managed to get them across the room and up into my recliner. They are surely not that mobile yet!
They were rescued before anyone nose-dived to the floor, Hubby has fixed them a different box for containment. I am hoping for continued warm weather so they can go out to the kennels.

Ol’ Jack

Ol' Jack at work

Ol’ Jack at work

Jack is my hunting dog, a blanket back beagle. One of my nephews gave him to me a few yeaars ago when I fell in love with his voice.
He has the prettiest bark on a rabbit chase!
I don’t rabbit hunt much these days, but he goes out with Hubby on a regular basis.
Today was one of those days. Ol’ Jack got up a rabbit early on. He’s a slow dog, intent on his work and very determined.
About 2, Hubby managed to get the rest of the pack in, but Ol’ Jack refused to come to the truck. He was still on the trail, and he understands that is his job.
Finally, other things, like home chores forced Hubby to head on home. Once those tasks were complete, he and I took off back down to the head of Sweetwater Creek, hoping to find my dog.
Sure enough, as we turned down a rutted old road, there he was, heading for the main road, and more than ready to load into the dog box to come home.

I would like to state that yes, there was a surprise this morning, new beagle pups were born here on Sunrise Ridge, however, the cold rain that developed shortly after I descoverd this wonder and Mama Rosie’s bad temper at being disturbed has not allowed pictures of that particular ‘surprise’.
So I went through my photo files and came up with another lovely ‘surprise’ from one of the walks Hubby and I took out beyond the barn into the woods.
on the ridge today 006a
Finding this little guy hiding in the brush while its mother was away was indeed a nice surprise.

Soon after Hubby got out of the Army (many years ago) he mentioned that he would like to farm. That never happened although we lived on 20 acres next to his parents and at various times had cows, ponies, pigs, chickens, and assorted other animals. His parents did the ‘farming’ part.

When Pop, his dad passed away the large stock went soon after. Hubby worked and kept working until a few years ago. In  the meantime we made a couple of moves here and there, raised a family and all that before coming back to rest and live on the same 20 acre place we left. Right here on Sunrise Ridge in the beautiful state of Missouri.


Who says you can’t come home again? We did!

We always had dogs, but that was it, we still have hunting beagles.

We raised a good size garden, because we both enjoyed ‘playing in the dirt’. Home grown and home preserved fruits and vegetables are sure tasty come winter time too!

A couple of years ago we added chickens for eggs and meat production. Not only do they contribute to the food, they seem to help keep the population of unpleasant insects down too.

Between the garden, fruit trees and chickens we have managed to keep the pantry, freezer and our tummies pretty well filled!

Last fall I won a pig at the county fair, we butchered it and ever since Hubby has talked about ‘getting a couple of pigs’.

Last week, he and the grandson built a pen for said pigs, which should be purchased soon. Fattened up a bit and join other things in the freezer.

A few days ago, one of the nieces wanted to know if anyone would take her daughters Easter ducklings, no longer cute and fluffy. The ducks arrived this morning.

Alright, it’s not a big farm, maybe it’s a stretch to even call it that? But it is not everyone who gets to have a dream come true, and for right now our way of ‘farming’ is pretty much that.

This morning, Hubby made a simple request. “Put the two male beagles in the kennel and let out the chickens”. Or I thought it sounded simple at the time.

One of our females would like to have pups, so the males have been out ‘guarding’ the females in the big kennel.

I took out some dogfood and scraps and put it in the little kennel, here came Jack, the big male. He figured out fast what my plan was and it took some brute force and persuasion to get him inside. A good deal of shoving was required!

As soon as I snap the door, he ambles over to the dish and settles in for a hearty meal. Silly dog!

Now, I can’t find the male pup, Zorro!. I holler a few times and he finally barks over by the chicken house. I walk over and there is Zorro and an escaped hen. The hen is lying flat on the ground, Zorro is circling and I am NOT happy!

I manhandled Zorro back across the yard and into the kennel, miraculously, Jack is still munching dogfood and thankfully does not escape. Just so you know, carrying 30 pounds of wiggling beagle is not an easy task. I do not think I will do it again soon. (Ever, if I have my way)

Back to the chicken house, Mrs. Black, the errant hen, is up and scratching around like nothing ever happened! I let the rest of the chickens out. They are very happy.

Jack and Zorro on the other hand  do not seem too pleased with the whole idea and are barking and registering doggie complaints.

I am taking it easy the rest of the day. I deserve it!

I am sure glad I was home alone, anyone with a camera would have made a fortune on ‘America’s Funniest Home Video’ with a tape of that.


Missouri patch of Irish greenYes, posting this after the fact. The fact being, yesterday I did not feel well.  The morning sun was warm and lovely, Hubby put our Coleman air mattress out in the yard for me to lay on.

That was very pleasant,  feeling that gentle warmth soaking into my achy body, listening to the symphony of birds, peepfrogs and gentle rustle of breeze. At least for a while, until a bunch of wet and smelly beagles decided to check out my resting place!

Not very conducive to any photos, although I did snap this of the grand ‘Irish green’ area down by the old barn.