It’s time to tell a story in 100 words or less! Madison Woods has provided a picture, everyone provides the story it conjures. will take you to Madison’s picture and links to other writers offerings.

This weeks photo and the hot dry weather we have had, led me to try to tell a tale of the past. Please feel free to post comments and criticism.

Dust Bowl

Streaming hot sun,

Soaks through the leaves

Turning them Autumn gold.

Sweat soaked bodies

Stop to look,

The young man pushes back

Battered straw hat

Sighs, “Gemma. Don’t think there’s a crop.

Jest too dry,

An’ this hunnert degree weather!

Killing ever’thing.

See, the blooms burnt up.

They ain’t gonna make, girl”

Dusty face raised to the cloudless sky

He shakes a fist at the perfect blue,

Chokes back a tear.

Not this year, Gemma,

Not this year.”

He watches dust boil over ruined crops

When did it last rain?

He doesn’t remember.

It’s time to pack and leave.