Yesterday, Hubby decided that we meeded to make sausage. There was pork in the freezer earmarked for that use, prepacked seasoning in the pantry, so we got it all ready and this morning began our task.
First, Hubby had to go into Fibber Magee’s closet to get the electric meat grinder down from the shelf. Large meat chunks had to be made smaller to fit the grinder.
Minor details… Meat was ground on the biggest grinder plate, spices and salt kneaded into it and then a second grinding on a smaller plate… and packing for the freezer. Done!
It was not nearly the kind of job it was back in the day when Granny and I had to do it on the old hand grinder. That was before the power lines marched through the woods to Sunrise Ridge.
We would spend a day spelling each other cranking that grinder, then she hand mixed salt, sage, red pepper to seasomn the meat.
After the mix met her standards, it went back through the grinder and then had to be canned…
Some days you just have to appreciate modern conveniences a lot more than other days – this is one of those!