I recently had the opportunity of interviewing two people at once, Amanda Flower, author of the new young adult novel, Andi Unexpected and her alter ego Isabella Alan author of Murder, Plain and Simple, an Amish Quilt Shop novel. These two books are the beginnings of new mystery series for her.
It was a pleasure to read these books and I highly recommend both.

Here are my Questions and her answers.

1. Of course the obvious, you have had other books published, what is your favorite genre?
Mystery. Mystery is definitely my favorite.

2. Does that extend to what you read as well?
Yes, I do tend to read more mystery than anything else. I love a good whodunit.

3. Are Andi, Bethany and Colin in ‘Andi Unexpected’ based on young people you know?
I never really thought about it before but Colin is a lot like my brother, Andy. He’s super smart and always did great in math and science. Now, he’s an electrical engineer who works on managing the electrical grid for this region of the country. In a different way, Colin reminds me of one of my best friends when I was Andi’s age. He lived in the house across the street. We spent most of our childhood riding our bikes through the neighborhood along with Andy my brother and making up adventures. Since my close friend when I was twelve was a boy, I wanted that for Andi the character too. It’s a different dynamic than you have with a girl best friend.

4. Will you be moving on to new YA projects and characters?
Ummm… probably. *wink, wink* I can’t really say anything about it yet, but it is likely.

5. You also are writing two series of Amish based books, how do you come up with ideas for three series at once?
I think one of my problems as a writer is I have too many ideas. There are so many novels that I want to write. I am constantly flooding my agent with pitches and proposals for children and adults. The only thread they have in common is they are all mysteries. See answer number one. 😉

6. How do you manage to keep the characters/plots of all 3 series separated?
That can be a challenge. I always write in first person, so I try hard to make each main character sound different. For example, all of them are witty, but I kicked that up a notch for Angie Braddock making her lightly sarcastic at times. Chloe Humphrey in my mind is very kind and sweet. Andi is super smart and curious. I try to focus on that one defining characteristic of the protagonist to make them sound different to the reader.

7. Angie, the main character in Murder, Plain and Simple has a French bulldog, do you have pets? What kind?
I have two cats. A gray and white part Russian Blue named Reepicheep aka Cheeps, and a tuxedo cat names Mister Tumnus aka Tummy. Both were named after characters out of the Chronicles of Narnia, which are some of my favorite children’s book. When I a young child, my family had a collie mix named Lady. She was so sweet. I haven’t had a dog since but have always wanted a Frenchie. Right now, I am waiting until I can be home more often so I can be the best dog mom. Cheeps and Tummy are okay if I am gone most of the day, but a dog couldn’t be alone 8-10 hours. So, I put a Frenchie in the Amish Quilt Shop series as consolation dog to myself. When I do get my Frenchie one day, I hope he’s just like Oliver.

It’s SUPER SEPTEMBER! Amanda Flower (also writing as Isabella Alan) has three novels releasing in September 2013. To celebrate, she is giving away an authentic Amish Quilt hand-stitched by Amish in Holmes County, Ohio.

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