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In spite of all the fuss, false starts and fury of wind and snow, it appears Spring has arrived on Sunrise Ridge.
How do I know? Well of course, I do not, but the peaches have started to bloom.

peach blossom

peach blossom

Although nothing is planted, the greenhouse is started and work preparing the garden has begun.
A little travel shows that fishermen and women are out, enjoying the warmer days and trying to fill stringers.
Let's go fishing

Let’s go fishing

Yet, I have not heard the gobble of wild turkeys early in the mornings, and I wait in expectation for it.
The sounds of evening include peep frogs and owls, I remain still impatient for the return of the whip-poor-wills, but these fulfilled promises encourage me.
They will come!

It is not really calm here on Sunrise Ridge this morning. Parker is here, he is getting much more active at 5 months and is havoing some ‘fussy’ issues with teething. That is fine, all babies go through this stage and soon he will be equipped with some teeth to go with his baby smiles!

We put him in his ‘scooter this morning too, he can’t make the noisy things work but has figured out how to get Grampa and Uncle Brett to push things and flip them to entertain him. 😉

He is getting the world figured out!

The photo prompt is ‘calm’ so I looked through the picture files and came up with one of my favorites. Hubby fishing and enjoying a peaceful morning at Cedar Grove on upper Current River, waiting for a trout ot cooperate with his efforts.

Take two parents, four grown daughters and an assortment of grandchildren. Toss in some other friends and relatives… Stories, hopes, dreams and laughter and sometimes even a tear

Mix them with tents and camping gear at a favorite place. Throw in a trout stream, swimming hole and s’mores on the camp fire, of course there will be at least a snake somewhere to scare everyone… and maybe a raccoon to snatch up a snack. Birds and butterflies add a bit of brilliant decoration.

Now remove electronics, no cell phone service, and you have to hike to the camp site…

What do you have?

The BEST time!

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