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Ice fog settled over Sunrise Ridge during the night. White coats gently wrap branches, waiting for the sun to come over our hilltop. Then my world will be filled with brilliant jewels!

High clouds and blue sky promise some sunshine for the up-coming day.

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires will sparkle from the branches in the sunlight.
I love  mornings like this – especially when I can stay inside to enjoy it. Sometimes I have to wish for a ‘pirate chest’ to store them up.

It’s a big blessing today, this month has been so overcast that a sunny morning by itself s a great joy.

Pea soup fog

Some years ago, when I was still making a daily 80 mile round trip commute to work, I learned to measure fog.
Over the twisty hills and down in the hollers, you might have ’40 mile an hour fog’, ’30 mile an hour fog’, and pea soup.
The kind that reflects headlights back and blinds you whether it is daylight or dark. It was good to KNOW the road, you certainly could not see it at times.
It has rained most of the day, temperatures have risen from 31 and a bit of icy rain early on, to 55 now as the daylight fades. These conditions have brought on the pea soup type, dimming the trees across the road and even shrouding the nearby shed and chicken house in a gauzy film of grey.
We need the rain, and are blessed by the warmer temps.
I have no where I need to go, so I will enjoy the evening with a book and some crafting, blanketed cozily in my pea soup fog.

Or so my Irish ancestors would have described it.
Fog, so thick it can be sliced, slipped in early on a warm current of southern air, showers have dusted the bare trees with jewel drops of fresh moisture. Yes, it softened the edges of the buildings and the stark roughness of the tree branches outside the window. A lovely and apt descrioption of this sort of day.
I can’t say it has bothered the chickens as you may note from the prescence of the rooster in this picture.
soft day 002a

Soft, in more ways than one. Yesterday I had some dental surgery, and part of allowing things to heal means ‘soft’ food, at least for today. I did the hot cereal, yougurt and soup routine… somehow far from satisfying or filling.
Finally, I decided to make some macaroni and cheese, well laced with chunky hot salsa and ham salad.
Both were awarded Hubby’s ‘2 platefull seal of approval’, and I feel much better for consuming it.
While I did not use the traditional passed down family recipe for homemade macaroni and cheese like I might have on another day, it turned out well.
The mac and cheese was a ‘cheater’ mode, made from a box out of the pantry, ( I do try to keep things like that on hand) just adding a third cup of salsa and mixing it well.
Ham salad was from the last of the Christmas ham, thawed, chopped in the blender with some onion, pickles and salad dressing.
Nothing fancy, but a lot more filling than another cup of soup.

Friday, and time for the Fictioneers.  See http://madison-woods.com/index-of-stories/082412-2/  Trying to tell in approximately 100 words, a story about a photo prompt.

This weeks prompt was provided by fellow Fictioneer, Maggie Duncan.

Souls Adrift

You stepped out of that valley this morning.

Away from the fog,

Up here, on the hill where you can see the distance.

Across the dim and hidden hollows.

For a time, you knew.

You held your cup and we talked.

Then you floated back into that mist.

Drifting away, and you’re gone!

I don’t know what is worse,

Moments like that or locked up world of Alzheimer’s Disease,

Somewhere adrift in the thick, thick fog.

Dragging you into a twilight world I cannot enter

I can only watch and cry!