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Off to school FF 2/12/21

Friday Fictioneers, Curated by the talented Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who challenges with building a story in 100 words or less, inspired by a photo. his week provided by Alicia Jamtaas.

Today’s prompt, took me back in local history.

Photo by Alicia Jamtaas

Lenore walked slowly. Spring had seen her last day in eighth grade. The county superintendent had asked her to take the school for the next year. Father approved.

Lenore was happy for the job, she wanted to BE a teacher.

The news had just come, the deserted lumber train tracks were going to be used for a bullmoose train, running twice a day.

A stop here in Dowitch each day for milk cans and passengers. The impossible 10 miles from the two room school to the Academy, overcome!

Lenore knew Father would object, but she was going to go!


Lenore, child of depression in our area, did ride the bullmoose to the Academy, gaining her teaching credentials. During the 1960s when I attended the High School that was the metamorphosis of the Academy, Miss Camden was still teaching eighth grade.

Some years later, she was a resident at a nursing home where I was employed. She left this world at 102, having touched the lives of hundreds of minds over her 50+ years teaching.

A scolarship fund was organized in her name. Long will she be remembered.

The rails are long gone but on occasions of heavy rain, railroad spikes still make their way up through the railroad bed, now used as a local road.

Hiding in the John – FF 2/5/21

It’s time for the Friday Fictioneers. I’ve been absent in both mind and body for several weeks. Coming out of the bathroom where I’ve been hiding trying to come to terms with life.

The wonderful Rochelle Wisoff Fields provided the challenge, a story in 100 words or less, Trish Nankivell provided the photo.

The inspiration? Waking up this morning, putting on my big girl pants and emptying the catheter thaat has become a new appliance in our lives.

Each day brings a different appreciation of Hubby, of health, of home. So here is today’s biographical sketch.

I’m spending too much time here!

Life happens and here on Sunrise Ridge it has been HAPPENING! You know we are dealing with dementia, this week we were hit with a whole new hammer – bone cancer!

I will in all likelihood, be even more erratic and crazed as Hubby and I walk through an even murkier path.

I’ve been depressed, yes, really! Who would think?

So, here I am the door is locked and the shower streaming, so I can cry.

Friday Fictioneers 12/18/20 – effigies

It’s Wednesday, but time once again for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields to issue the Friday Fictioneers challenge.

This week the photo prompt comes fron Sandra Crook.

Our challenge. to tell a story in 100 words or less.

Here is my entry for this week.

See him, wearing the same clothes for the past several days

Arguments over bathing, getting up from the recliner, except late evening, when pacing takes over.

No shutting down, the blaring TV sound echoes throughout the house. Unceasing clamor.

What will we eat? When will we eat? Who is that? What do you want? Often asked questions. Maybe the only ones that matter.

Meeting each challenge, each day, till exhaustion takes a toll, this care giver fades even faster than the Alzheimers takes her partner.

Effigies, lost in this maze of life.

Days of dreams

Yes, it’s time for Friday Fictioneers. The challenge a story in 100 words, issued by the multi-talented Rochelle Wisoff Fields and the photo this week is from Roger Bultot.

So here is my story.

Steve sat at the table nearly every day, a cold sandwich and drink in the bag beside him.

Watching the new construction at the amusement park. A former ‘Carnie’, now out of work due to the pandemic. So many others too, waiting for this park to open, praying their skill and experience would mean that job they needed.

He’d heard you could apply on-line; what ever that meant. He could run all the rides, and shill most games, but the internet? That was a mystery he couldn’t solve.

It’s a good day today! Friday Fictioneers

It’s time for the Friday Fictioneers to begin typing for this week.

Rochelle Wisoff Fields https://rochellewisoff.com/ chooses the prompt. This week, a photo from Sandra Crook is the the prompt and the challenge is to complete a story in 100 words.

I scrambled out of the van, adjusting my helmet over the protective suit, grabbing the can of red spray paint.

It didn’t look good, probably another ‘X’ to mark bodies inside. I breathed a sigh, the storm had devastated this island!

Picking my way through debris I called out as I moved sand, seaweed, and gingerly opened the warped door. Inside, a man and wife weakly answered. They had survived!

I got them into the van, an ‘O’ painted on this door, and we headed to the Rescue Operation Station.

Today is a good day!

Can I save anything?

The challenge: A story in 100 words or so, given by Rochelle Wisoff Fields.

The prompt from Roger Bultot.

And my story:

There it was! Tears filled Jolie’s eyes as her heart broke.

Everything! Everything sitting on the sidewalk!, Tina’s highchair, the beds, (such as they were), boxes of food and Tina’s toys, bags of clothes.

In the distance the rumble of heavy equipment and falling debris as demolition began.

If only Darrin was here! He might save some of it!

No one cares about the squatters.

Third time out Friday Fictioneers

Each week, Rochelle Wisoff Fields gives us a photo prompt, this week it is her own photo, and a challenge to write a story in 100 words or less.

For more information, or to join the party: https://rochellewisoff.com/

Kelly took a deep breath, shifted into reverse, carefully turned the wheel and ever so slowly, backed up.

Almost there, pull forward, , back again, tiny adjustments, nudging the vehicle. Parallel parking! The greatest challenge!

Finally, triumphant, Kelly turned the key, killing the engine.

The intructor shook his head. “Perfect, except you are still about 4 feet from the curb. I have to fail you”.

Tears filled Kelly’s eyes, would she ever get that license?

Once again, the charming Rochelle, path finder extrordinaire, has issued a map, the challenge for Friday Fictioneers.  This week the prompt is from one of my photos.

Here, in 100 words, is my little walk in the park. Lane and Jemma have appeared before and seemed to want to wander back.

Wedding Dress

Arrive Taras. gHOST TOWN 092

“Thirty five cents a yard,” The clerk was impatient. Leaving Jemma looking at the calico print, he turned to another customer.

Jemma glanced again at the ready made dresses hanging  in the rafters. Oh, to have twelve dollars to spend.

After all, it was a wedding dress!

Lane had offered  half his pay, ten dollars, but they needed that for the new house and she must have dishes, pots and pans.

Teaching school for fifteen dollars a month and board would not  stretch enough.

Counting carefully, she sighed, “I’ll take seven yards.”

“That will be $2.45”.


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It’s a wonderful Spring Friday, sunshine, blooming lilacs and a bit of R&R as the busy-ness of a traveling week winds down.

On Wednesday our champion bronc rider, Rochelle Two Ropes, posted a photo for the rodeo known as Friday Fictioneers. The photo, this week, from Madison Woods is supposed to start our horses on to the event, to tell a story in around 100 words.

Not the easiest of challenges at times, sometimes that 8 second ride results in a buck-off. Mostly though we make it and hit the score card.

This week, a couple of down on their luck cowboys are preparing to do a days work.


Coffee. Lane clanged the tin cup against the battered pot. That was all there was.wire ff 4-22 Madison Woods

Hard work between rodeos!

High above, a hawk screamed a jackrabbit fighting in its talons.

“Food!” Clay thought, picking up his six-gun and shot.

The red tail dropped his prey, flying fast.

Lane shook his head, “Let’s get this done, back to the ranch for dinner”.


For more, from other cowboys, riders and clowns  Click here http://www.inlinkz.com/new/view.php?id=625937

Fellow Fictioneers, some of that busy-ness (translate to health issues and travel) may keep me from the usual round of comments. I will attempt to at least read and ‘like’ all the posts. M




Once again, Wednesday has arrived, and with it our fearless ringmaster, Rochelle has donned her red coat and top hat, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls”, she announces with a crack of her whip. Issuing the challenge to join her at the circus known as Friday Fictioneers.  https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/. Under her discipline we climb to the high wire to present a story in approximately 100 words.

Other acrobats have posted, their back-flips and somersaults can be found here: http://www.inlinkz.com/new/view.php?id=623923


ff4-15-15 kent Bonham

This week’s picture courtesy of Kent Bonham led me down a path that my grandson walks each day.

Brett is autistic, although reading and writing are skills he has not mastered in his 21 years, he can speak, articulating some of the effects of his condition.

April is Autism Awareness Month. I dedicate this little tale to Brett and all who deal with Autism, in its many guises. Maybe it will raise awareness a bit as well. I can hope.


Sound Prison

“Sensory overload” the therapist calls it, “meltdown” in layman’s terms.

People gather around, invading the circle of ‘personal space’, gesturing, talking.

Afraid to approach.

But too near and too loud for the boy.

No matter what, he hears it all. There are no filters.

No way to block the beating

The words have form and substance, invisible,battering.

They swirl around, floating shapes, sweeping in, crushing.

Rhythms pound, hammers in his mind.

Varied tones stab like knives.

He has to close it off! It has to stop!

And so, he sits on the floor, rocking.

Withdrawn, locked in his alternate universe,

Forced to submission by the weaponry of sound.