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It’s good to know

 A friend of mine is in the hospital.

This morning, her husband posted on her Facebook wall that he was trying to do laundry in the wringer washer. 

Having had some experience with that, I offered some advice.

The following is an excerpt of the conversation:  S0rt the clothes, fill the washer with water, add detergent, start dasher for a couple of minutes. Add the clothes, start dasher, let it run about 10 minutes for regular laundry, 20if it is really dirty. Run through wringer into rinse tub. Start a new load while you stir and wring the clothes from the tub. Hang the clothes on the line,.


Elizabeth :Thank you Mary Shipman now why is the buttons hanging up is there a trick

Mary Shipman when you get ready to wring fold the buttons and zippers to the inside of the clothes

Elizabeth Lol thanks

Mary Shipman It’s not that hard, just a learning process. You will do fine

Elizabeth Chase When she is down doing it looks soooo easy lol and fun me well this thing might end up eating g my fingers wringing me out haha oh it really make me appreciate all she does

Mary Shipman Use the handle of a wooden spoon if you are afraid of getting your fingers eaten. That is how I taught my kids. wink emoticon

There is no time like the present

On Day 7 of November, 2015, I am thankful for ‘time’.
Time spent growing up, with family and friends.
Time spent learning what I know.
Time to be a parent, grand parent and great-grand parent.
Time to work, time to play.
Time to enjoy life.
Time to rejoice, there is always something good, every single day.
Time to cry, tears of sorrow, and tears of joy.
Time to remember.

Time to hope

Time to pray

Time to forgive and accept responsibility
Time to share hope and love.
And still, I hope, time granted to me to make a difference in others lives.

I got up this morning, having tossed and turned for quite a while. What sleep I got was riddled with dreams of two people I knew in high school. Both of whom have been undergoing some unpleasant things this nearly 50 years later.
I bothered me, and an e-mail from one of them, regarding upcoming surgery bothered me even more.
Why, you might wonder? Our high school class was small, many of us still keep in touch. Especially now that we are getting older.
What to do on those kind of nights? Well, honestly, most of the time, I lay there in the dark and pray for those who were in my dreams or on my mind.
Sometimes, after a while, I can go back to sleep. On nights like the one just passed, I finally get up and put on the coffee.
can always hope that there will be a nap waiting somewhere today.

On our recent Mississippi River camping trip, we were fortunate to meet a young couple, Kathleen and Eric Williams. They had pulled up to the Dorena-Hickman Ferry landing to cross the river.
Pulling along quite a treasure, a 1961 Shasta travel trailer. A real classic and very eye-catching.
As soon as they pulled up, we walked over to look at this jewel.

1961 Shasta travel trailer

1961 Shasta travel trailer

Kathleen told me they had found the camper in a cornfield and have lovingly restored it to it’s former glory.
The following photos are of the interior.

mississipi river with bob marla and rob 027

mississipi river with bob marla and rob 028

We did tease them, that they needed a vehicle to match. I understand they are looking for one. 🙂

I often post photos in a ‘photo a day group’ on Facebook. Each day has a topic, and folks are allowed to interpret it and post their own pictures.
Today’s topic was ‘tiny’ and I posted this picture:
clearwater lake trip 128tiny flowersA
I looked in my “Missouri Wildflower’ book and did not find a ‘match’, so I indicated that in my post about the picture.
This is how things work: A lady in the UK posted that she thought the flower was called ‘speedwell’.
My daughter in California looked it up http://greennature.com/gallery/weeds/weeds-in-lawn.html and sure enough, the flower is speedwell.
I found this very interesting, as long ago ancestors arrived at Plimouth on a ship called the Speedwell.
And that, friends, is ‘how things work’ sometimes…

Hamster size snow flakes are drifting down this morning, certainly a lot more like winter than spring. I felt a need for ‘comfort food’. Wondering what to make, so I pulled out some of my old cookbooks.
In some of these, finds from auctions, yard sales and given to me by family and friends, there are notes.
“Jeff really liked this”, prods me to try a recipe.
“Think it needs more spices”, and I ask myself if a teaspoon of cinnamon is enough.
Some have instructions for double or triple the recipes and notes on a church dinner or “Made this for Charlie’s visit”.
I came across recipe cards written in my mothers lovely hand, Aunt Jo’s scrawl, and a few in Gram’s looped old-fashioned script bring back precious memories and bittersweet thoughts of days past.
There were others and I will admit more than one tear fell as I traveled to kitchens I had not been to for years and ‘tasted’ treats made with love and shared with joy.
Now, I am off to the kitchen here on Sunrise Ridge, to attempt to replicate a few of them.

Yesterday, it was 55 degrees. This morning we woke up to snow falling, sticky wet snow!

Went to town with a friend, the snow was clinging to the  green pines along the road, a lovely reminder of winter. Laden boughs bending with the weight.

The sun arrived, setting the whole landscape into sparkling glory.

So the morning progressed, and it warmed, and warmed yet more…to would you believe 50? Yes!

The snow is but a memory, I can accept that!

For the backstory, please go here: https://oldentimes.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/flour-sack-feed-sack-treasure/

Since that post was written, I have discovered some ‘history’ regarding some of the quilting treasure. Part of it belonged to the great-great-great grandmother of a young girl who attends my church.
At the request of this young ladies great-great grandmother, I have made a collage of some of the ‘treasure’ to present her and written the accompanying letter:
Dear Morgan,

Right now, perhaps, you are too young to understand this treasure.
Years ago, ladies made quilts to keep their families warm. People could not go to the store and buy things, like we do now, so every scrap was used for something.
In winter, when things were slow and there was not so much work to do, quilts were made. Often this had to be done at night after the rest of the family was in bed, using a coal oil lamp for light. It was very hard work.
In this frame is a quilt block, in the pattern called Dresden plate. This one is made with old feed sack fabric, some of what is called ‘shirting’, possibly dress fabric and cotton broadcloth.
The pattern pieces with it were cut from cardboard.
They would be traced on the fabric, then it was cut out in shapes and sewed together by hand to make blocks.
These would finally be sewed to make a quilt top, layered with a batting and back and stitched together to make a warm quilt.
The strips are for a quilt called ‘Double Wedding Ring’, quite often made years ago by a mother, aunt or grandmother as a wedding gift for a bride and groom. A treasure for all their lives.
This one seems to have pieces cut from clothing, possibly that of the bride or groom’s family. I left one upside down so the hand stitching would show.
Now I know, you are asking, why is this a treasure for me?
This Dresden Plate block and the pieces for the Double Wedding Ring were made by your great-great-great- grandmother. The fabric is old and valued in quilt making today, a rare and wonderful find.
I received it as a gift and now I am giving it back to you.

Once again, Friday has rolled around, and with it a quest to tell in about 100 words, a story…. for more information click here http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/11-january-2013/

Friday fiction 01-11-13 R. Cohen provided this picture for the weekly fiction challenge.
Return to Mayberry
You’re too young to remember
Days on this stage, now empty
Mitch Jayne and the talents
Of homespun music,
Tales of ‘downhome country’
The Dillards singing
With Andy Griffith,
A whole different world.
Music of the mountains
I’m all that’s left behind!
Except in scattered pockets
Of Appalachia and the Ozarks
Where that lost time lives on.

Today, four friends gathered to make quilt ‘tops’.
One of the group had already made one so helped us with the new ‘tools’ and ‘techniques’ needed to turn fabric and ‘thread’ into something beautiful and when finished, will no doubt keep someone ‘toasty’ warm.
Information on making our tops can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWOS9KBDJgU
Here is one of my blocks, called Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star.
hunter star 001