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there are some things you really regret.

One of those things was the Christmas I was 17. Back then, as most teens, there was an aura of complacency, and not a little feeling of superiority in my being.

An elderly aunt had hand crocheted a large doll for me, looking back and now aware of what time and effort went into that doll, I know it should have meant a lot.

However, as a soon to be adult Senior in High School, I was sorely disappointed in the gift. Not because it was hand made but because it seemed to me she was not seeing me for the grownup that I had become.

The doll was tucked away, out of sight in my parents attic for several years.

I don’t know what ever became of it, but this morning while working on some Christmas craft projects, I remembered the doll and more specifically, how I felt.

I’m really sorry I was not more appreciative at the time.

It has been a long week on Sunrise Ridge. Epic cold and snow deep and fluffy has kept me inside for the most part.

Oh, there has been plenty to ‘do’, but at some point cabin fever sets in.

Then there was, picking at the back of my mind this coming Monday,  Chrysta’s birthday.  Yesterday, while prepping for more unpleasant weather, I had an idea. That idea led to posting this request on social media:

‘Throwing this out there. In November, daughter Chrysta passed away. She was a loving caring woman, filled with compassion.
Monday would be her birthday.
In her memory, I challenge all of my friends to ‘pay it forward’.
Do a random act of kindness for someone this weekend.
Feel free to share your blessings.’

Grandson Brett and I are making cookies for him to share at the Sheltered Workshop where he is employed.

Someone is donating blood, another made soup and shared with a neighbor… many great ideas.

I know Monday still looms in the future, no doubt there will be tears, but the idea that we are celebrating a life well lived doing things she would do is comforting.

Feel free to join this birthday party and share your blessings with someone and in a comment here.

If you counted the presents for my birthday, or what was wrapped up under the tree, it looked pretty meager.
If you count the well wishes, cards and calls, the family time, the home made food and cake, it’s a whole different story!
Hubby kidnapped me one day last week for an adventure with the camera. Hiking through snow near Current River, watching wildlife and exploring old buildings. A picnic lunch and ‘time’ to rnjoy the world of winter together.
No, no one took me out to eat, son-in-law made lasagna and the grandkids made a cake.
birthday 006
Family time, visiting, playing checkers and mancala, sharing thoughts, ideas, laughter, plans and love.
No one got me anything fancy or expensive, but I was very pleased to get craft supplies that will be used and are a pay it forward. More than likely someone else will end up with the things that will be made from them.
I did not make a Christmas dinner, we gathered for a pot of chili on Christmas eve, and enjoyed a dinner made by our daughter and grand daughter on Christmas day.
I don’t need a lot of ‘things’ anymore. I can count my blessings, be grateful for what I have and be very content with it. I am blessed and life for us on Sunrise Ridge is good.

I am giving a wedding shower for grandson’s fianceee. SATURDAY! Yes, in two days!
Not that there has not been a lot of planning going on, but this morning I realized that I had not purchased a gift.
Thinking about what might be a ‘practical’ thing, since this is the merger of ‘bachelor living’ and ‘coming from mom and dad’s’, they can use all sorts of things.
My idea list was:
a clothes basket, laundry supplies, maybe a roll of clotheslind and pins
kitchen utensils ( Okay this one is in hopes of getting mine that have been borrowed back)
a collection of familoy recipes
basic home tools, hammer, screwdrivers, duct tape and such
basic first aid kit for the home
pans and a few items to make a simple meal or two…
It’s hard to know, but any of these things or a combination would be good for a couple starting out.
I am pretty sure what ever I can come up with will work.
Anyway, there will be some games, cake and decorations – I do know that!
Really I am looking forward to this event, and to this new addition to our family

Today I sent a selection of knitting needles, collected over the years to a young lady who grew up with my youngest daughter.

I learned to knit, along with a class of other girls when I was 9 or 10, while growing up in Nebraska. My interest lasted about as long as it took to make a hat and scarf, sadly, I did not keep it up, and somewhere along the way that set of needles went the way of many other childhood toys… I am sure my parents gave them to someone who would use them.

About 20 years later, I took it up again, my skills improved and so did my desire to make things. Scarves, hats, and a few baby afghans began to appear. With those increased abilities came the need for more needles, different lengths and sizes and a collection was born.

Over the years, I have purchased some, some came as gifts, one group of needles came while we lived in New Hampshire. Walking down the street , we came upon a home being emptied after a death in the family. There in the bin for trash was a large collection of knitting supplies. The family was happy to ‘donate’ them to another knitter, rather than the local land-fill and I was pleased with the acquisition, too.

Sweaters and slippers were soon added to my repertoire as my stack of patterns grew and I met another knitter there who taught me much and encouraged me.

We moved back to Missouri and so, the needles migrated with us. As the annual Christmases, birthday parties and baby gifts came around with knit gifts, I acquired some more ‘legacy’ needles from one of my sister-in-laws when her mother passed away.

I took an inventory and had them from size 0 to 13, long, short, some double point and some circular. Quite a collection, and truly well-loved.

Then I went to visit my daughter in California and discovered bamboo needles.  Over time all the metal and plastic ones were replaced with bamboo.

What to do with all these needless needles?  When I discovered that this long time friend was knitting, I offered her the needles and she accepted. She has promised to teach someone, hopefully a future daughter in law and pass along to at least a fourth generation some needles with a story.

I hope that happens!

Give Thanks – A Challenge!

Last year a group of us posted things we were thankful for all through November. Let’s do it again!
Just post a comment each day of ONE thing you are thankful for.
Day ONE: I am so thankful for what God does daily in my life.
Day Two: I am thankful for my family and friends.
Day three: Thankful for my home, not only the one that shelters me. Also the country in which I live and the planet I live on. All of this is my home. I bear some responsiblity for the upkeep and preservation of all of it.
Day four: I am thankful for food, which nourishes my body I am able to grow, gather or purchase for my needs.
Day Five: Thankful for those who ‘serve’ police, firemen, teachers, nurses, soldiers… those who we take for granted, unseen heroes. God bless them!
Day six: Thankful today for ideas. Without them, we would not have ‘conveniences’ we take for granted everyday. There would be no running water, electricity, computers, or many other things.
Day Seven: I am thankful today for prayer and my relationship with God.
Day eight: I am thankful for music; it lifts my heart and spirit.
Day nine: I am thankful for weather, sun, rain, snow, hot and cold. Yes, I sometimes complain about the weather, but how boring it would be without it!