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Today’s photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers is brought to us by the talented and sagacious Rochelle.  https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/25-march-2016/

The goal is to write a ‘story’, beginning, middle, end, in 100 words more or less.

Several thoughts ran through my head when I saw it. Maybe in yours as well?

Ideas from other folks can be found by clicking here: http://www.inlinkz.com/new/view.php?id=618340

“Beauty in Ashes”

Coming home, done with a late night shift, she drove past the burned out hulk. Finally, demolition is in progress.

Appliances, fixtures, boards and tiles, scattered debris, stark and ugly, waited for pick-up.

Remains of someone’s home to be carried away.

Nostalgic and a bit melancholy, as she is this sunny morning.

The workers have not yet arrived to finish the job.

The sorting, recycling still to be done.

Impulsive, she stops and places a flat of bright pansies in the empty commode.

A simple gesture that brings a smile.

Hope is planted.


It’s Friday  again! Madison Woods has provided a photo, and Fictioneers across the world have responded with their thoughts. http://madison-woods.com/index-of-stories/080312-2/

Today’s prompt led me on a dark path.


Her joy!

He had taken it all!

When he cut down her garden

Healing plants destroyed

Like her spirit.

The words, the hateful words!

The weeping plants

Show the wounds.

Attacked again,

How many hours and days had passed?

She sat there, unable to move

Bowed, but not yet beaten!

Never a mark, no bruising to show

The unseen blood of her heartbreak.

Even the stubble oozed tears.

The food he demanded

And he had eaten.

Had been prepared.

She waited for freedom;

He would make no more demands.

Come spring, new growth,

Regeneration, Freedom


How much pain rests in the empty place that was my heart?

I sit here, watching the water race through the rocks, seeking peace.

Silvery, translucent in the rising light, sparkling sequins rest, then float away on gossamer wings

Like the dreams I held dear.

I will not stand at the grave weeping useless tears.

Like the damselfly, I will come from this torment, become a new being.

No longer drab nymph; fully formed in beauty.

Darkness beckoned, but I put down the gun.

I choose to live, to embrace hope, to fly!

Once again, Friday is fast approaching. Madison Woods has issued the weekly challenge and photo prompt for the Friday Fictioneers. For more information and to read other entries just click on this link: http://madison-woods.com/flash-fiction/damsel-fly/