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Grandson and family came by for a visit today.

At near noon, I was still in my PJ’s laying on the futon in the living room.

Three year old great-grandson: “Why so you still have your bejammers on”

Me: “I was sick and had to go to the hospital, I am better, but I have to rest a lot right now.”

Five year old great-granddaughter: “did you get a baby? That’s why mama went to the hospital.”

There are some questions even a grandma can’t come up with answers for.

Even the weather forecasters were telling us to go out and stock up for this one!
In our case it was not a ‘stock up’, just the basic needs we have to get every week and a trip to the feed store for the animals.
However, this little incident gave me a smile that lasted most of the day. At the grocery store yesterday we parked next to a truck that sported a Viet Nam Veteran decal on the back window.
A man was loading groceries into the truck, so I did what I usually do, said “Thank you.’
He gave me a funny look, so I said, “Thanks for your service”.
He did a double take and said, “Oh, this is my wife’s truck, she was an Army nurse.”.
I hope you all are warm and cozy, enjoying the snow and cold wind from the windows. If you are one of those who must be out, I thank you too for your service!

Baby bluebirds
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Plenty of work for Dad to bring home enough groceries

jay in the peach tree 025 Mr. Blue brings food