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Finally, finally, there has been enough beautiful white snow to make snow ice cream!

It is one of my fondest memories growing up in Nebraska and watching blizzards blow through. A ‘snow day from school and Gram’s Snow Ice Cream!

First you must have some fresh, clean snow. Gram always wanted a 4 inch snow fall but I am willing to settle for 3 inches 🙂 We rarely get even that much here

Fill a large bowl or dish pan with snow. I have a big bowl, about 12 quarts, that I use for making bread

In a separate bowl mix canned milk,  1 to cup, 1 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tbsp. vanilla together.

Start scooping in the snow and mixing, until the consistency of soft serve ice cream. You can add more milk if needed or have harder ice cream. I recommend tasting to see if more sugar or vanilla is needed.

I usually get about a half-gallon using these measurements.

You have to work pretty fast. Eat and enjoy, left over ice cream will last in the freezer,

Sunday Dinner, often with a number of friends and family. Chicken and dumplings, fresh tomatoes, green beans cooked with new potatoes.

The kids were shooed outside to play, happy shouts, bare feet, rope swings and hop scotch scrathed in the dirt.

Menfolk gathered on the porch, maybe a baseball game on the radio, or just to visit before the work week began. Possibly taking turn about cranking the ice cream freezer.

W0men and older girls in the kitchen, dishes washed and put away, left overs covered with a clean table cloth for those who might need a snack.

Good times, good memories. What ever happened?