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I liked this prompt! The place where I live sometimes seems stuck in time. A time of years past, where people ‘do’ for themselves and rely on each other, small communities that are tied to one another by commonality, relationships and distance from technology.

I picked this photo, because of my personal interest in ‘fiber arts’ from crocheting to quilting. Again it is from Ozark Heritage Day.

The wool being spun into yarn was from their own sheep and as you passed around the rest of this demonstration, weaving and knitting were also displayed. Signs of time gone by and arts still to be revered and remembered. It is where we Ozarkers came from and precious treasures remain in the ‘knowing’ and doing.  

Strong people, resiliant people. I am blessed to know them, to learn from them… proof positive that we are not ‘lazy rednecks’ but intelligent and independent.

Oh, dear! Toy… and what comes to mind?

Currently and for the past several years, truth be told, my ‘toys’ are really craft items. I have sewing machines, an embroidery machine, multiple scissors, rulers, multitudes of looms, knitting needles, crochet hooks and a room full of all the items that can be used with those toys. I have them because I enjoy making quilts, bags, afghans and all sorts of things with them.

However, on the display shelf in the above mentioned room, there are some ‘real’ toys. Toys from long ago, that require no batteries, power cords or anything but human hands to play with.

Whee-Lo, wooden top, marbles

I find it interesting, when the grandkids come to visit, bringing with them all the ‘new’ technology and things to play with. They usually ask to play with these of some item from the basket of toys I have kept on hand through two generations of children.