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Leslie Gould wins again! 5 star read!

Leslie Gould’ newest book, “Becoming Bea” is a winner!becoming bea

Bea Zook has been leading a sheltered life, she’s a happy homebody. When faced with leaving her beloved Lancaster County home for Montana, she takes a wild step, getting a job as a mother’s helper to a family with triplets!

The only problem, she will  have be around Ben Rupp, the one man who can really set her on edge with his teasing and attentions.

Will they be able to work it out?

I loved this story! Gould’s “Bea” reminds me a lot of myself, as I watch her gain self-confidence and independence.

The story is well paced and keeps the reader wanting to know ‘what next’.

I am, as many of you know, a fan of Amish Fiction. I received Leslie Gould’s new book Courting Cate this week.
As I read through Cate’s efforts to accept major changes in her life and how she lives it, I was struck by what she discovered. Not only about herself, but others and the preceptions we form about people, This one truly ‘spoke’ to my heart, pointing out some things that have been lacking in my life.
I would highly recommend this book, not just to Amish fans, but to anyone who enjoys a book that lasts after the last page.
Thank you Leslie Gould and Bethany House Publishers.
No one has asked me to say this. The opinion is my own.