In case the Mayans were wrong, I have a birthday coming this Saturday. It is one of those ‘milestone’ birthdays, or maybe more properly a mill stone birthday.

One of those that make a lot of folks concerned, with things they haven’t done, or would like to do with what time is left to them. This one does not bother me, although I had some trepidation as the bio-clock ticked past 30 and then over 50 a few years ago.

Do you have a bucket list? Things you want to do, see, accomplish? I never had one, and do not plan on it. My life is filled with good things, love, family, friends and enough to make me content.  I really do not need ‘more’ of anything that I can think of.

I am looking at what is left with curiosity and wonder, faith that will get me on to the next step.

Birthdays at Christmas time, tend to get lost in the shuffle of festivities, so I learned years ago that they are not really a big deal.