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It might be a good idea to read this past post before you begin the one  for today.


This sort of sets the stage.

Over the years, many young cooks have passed through the kitchen on Sunrise ridge and other places we have called ‘home’ in our journey through life.

Betty Crocker’s red cookbooks for making things and a set of Good measuring cups have been staples of the experience.

This past week, a photo on Facebook of the big red ‘pic cover cookbook was making the rounds. Of course I shared it and many comments came, a good number from those who shared in the making of thing from that book.

My old copy is held together with duct tape, notes in the margins, and many pages smeared with drips. I have a child who wants it and her daughter is now beginning to cook, sometimes here in Sunrise kitchen. Another generation to share with.

While at an auction yesterday, another copy of the book was for sale. The cover was a little worn, the pages inside much like mine.

Yes, I  felt the need to purchase it. Another daughter and granddaughter live in California and they too should have this book.

Now, I need to find a couple more copies for some of the others who ‘graduated’ with the basic cooking certificate here.

I see they are available on Amazon and other outlets, some for quite a price. The ones I need though are well loved, used, smeared (especially on the page with the fudge recipe) and have notes written in them. They may not bee my notes, but I will happily transcribe from mine.

Not much of a ‘legacy’ you might think, but you are wrong. These books are filled with memories and love!



There is no time like the present

On Day 7 of November, 2015, I am thankful for ‘time’.
Time spent growing up, with family and friends.
Time spent learning what I know.
Time to be a parent, grand parent and great-grand parent.
Time to work, time to play.
Time to enjoy life.
Time to rejoice, there is always something good, every single day.
Time to cry, tears of sorrow, and tears of joy.
Time to remember.

Time to hope

Time to pray

Time to forgive and accept responsibility
Time to share hope and love.
And still, I hope, time granted to me to make a difference in others lives.

A young mother of three I know, lamented, “I wish I could snap my fingers and a genie would come clean my house.”

I knew that feeling, during the long hot summers of my own kids growing up, even as I babysat grandkids, nieces and nephews in the more recent past.

As I look back, yes, the genie would have been nice. Maybe I could have managed time better. Who knows?

I do know, moments of wonder, drawing pictures, weed bouquets in grimy hands, blowing soap bubbles in the wind, playing with them in the sprinkler, hearing them say, “Please, read/tell us a story”, and “Can we have a tea party?”, are much more precious than spotless floors, folded laundry and a clean sink will ever be.

Housework lasts a short time, so does childhood. Housework lasts forever, children grow up and move on in the blink of an eye.

I’ll take the memories, a weed bouquet and a tea party!

Some day, dear, you will wish for these things too.

I am giving a wedding shower for grandson’s fianceee. SATURDAY! Yes, in two days!
Not that there has not been a lot of planning going on, but this morning I realized that I had not purchased a gift.
Thinking about what might be a ‘practical’ thing, since this is the merger of ‘bachelor living’ and ‘coming from mom and dad’s’, they can use all sorts of things.
My idea list was:
a clothes basket, laundry supplies, maybe a roll of clotheslind and pins
kitchen utensils ( Okay this one is in hopes of getting mine that have been borrowed back)
a collection of familoy recipes
basic home tools, hammer, screwdrivers, duct tape and such
basic first aid kit for the home
pans and a few items to make a simple meal or two…
It’s hard to know, but any of these things or a combination would be good for a couple starting out.
I am pretty sure what ever I can come up with will work.
Anyway, there will be some games, cake and decorations – I do know that!
Really I am looking forward to this event, and to this new addition to our family

Valentine’s Day

60 years strong 002
My parents met in 1947, during a snowstorm.
Set up more or less on a blind date by Dad’s sister.
He was fresh out of the Navy, having served in World War II, Mother was a telephone operator in those days.
They soon married and joined forces, to raise 5 kids and spent over 60 years together.
This is one of my favorite photos of them.

In case the Mayans were wrong, I have a birthday coming this Saturday. It is one of those ‘milestone’ birthdays, or maybe more properly a mill stone birthday.

One of those that make a lot of folks concerned, with things they haven’t done, or would like to do with what time is left to them. This one does not bother me, although I had some trepidation as the bio-clock ticked past 30 and then over 50 a few years ago.

Do you have a bucket list? Things you want to do, see, accomplish? I never had one, and do not plan on it. My life is filled with good things, love, family, friends and enough to make me content.  I really do not need ‘more’ of anything that I can think of.

I am looking at what is left with curiosity and wonder, faith that will get me on to the next step.

Birthdays at Christmas time, tend to get lost in the shuffle of festivities, so I learned years ago that they are not really a big deal.



At one o’clock, this morning, Miss Lily woke me up.

We went outside and watched a few meteorites streak across the dark December sky.

Beautiful sparks of brightness flitting short-lived across the black velvet.

My great grandmother said, every shooting star was someone being called home to heaven.

As the day unfolded, filled with tragedy, I remembered that statement.

I choose tonight not to light my Christmas lights, but to light a candle and say prayers with many others around the world for those who have lost their lives in senseless violence.

Please join me in asking for comfort for the families, police, medical personell and all the other children.

I hugged the great-grandkids that were available and sent cyber hugs to my children and the grands and great grands who are at a distance, didn’t you?

LOST! # Friday Fictioneers

It’s once again Friday and the Fictioneer Challenge, http://madison-woods.com/index-of-stories/world-traveler-100-words/


“What’s this?” Alia muttered.

There in the rocky glen,

Sturdy roof and rock walls still stood.

The water wheel stopped in the rill.

In awe she looked at the ruined mill,

Feeling staring ghosts

Looking from the open door and windows.

“Empty and alone, just like me since Jory died!”

She thought to take shelter there

Among the twisted dying trees.

Or push on, up the path, to the summit.

Jory hadn’t made it,

She dragged his body inside

Help still far away!

Jory could rest

Until she returned.


The best part of my day is the time I take my coffee out to the porch, meditate, praise the Lord and pray for family, friends and special needs.

All my senses are awake and aware. Listening to and enjoying the glory of God’s  creation and feeling the peace that passeth understanding. The scents carried on the wind, the warmth or coolness that touches my skin, the sight of daylight coming up over Sunrise Ridge. The taste of that first cup of coffee.

Each new day brings its own wonder, its unique moment. its own color and beauty. I take pleasure in this time, casting away cares, making plans for the present, the gift I have been given with the new day.

In the fifth book in the Kauffman Amish Bakery series, to be released in July 2012 by Zondervan Publishing,  Amy Clipston lets us look at the changing events of Katie Kauffman’s life. Imagine, just imagine. Your best friends Lindsay and Lizzie Anne have found love, making plans for their futures and here you are left out!     After years of close friendship, the girls are moving apart. Katie is feeling hurt and alone.

None of the boys in her Amish community hold any attraction for her.

Katie finds herself attracted to Jake, a young Mennonite man who works as a carpenter in her grandfather’s business.  Jake saves her when she is attacked by some young English rowdys and their feelings turn from friendship to much more.

When Katie’s father, a very strict man, discovers they care for one another, he forbids the relationship, and Katie rebels. The relationship is further complicated when Lindsay’s sister, Jessica, returns to visit at Christmas, hoping to rebuild her broken relationship with Jake.

How will Jake choose? Is his love for Katie strong enough to give her up?

Soon Katie is left with few remaining choices, will she choose family and her Amish community without Jake, will her father  send her away or is there some way to cross the wide gap and find happiness?

Also included are some recipes that I am looking forward to trying.

I highly recommend this book. If you like Amish fiction, I am sure you will enjoy it!