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This is it!  The place i love to be to relax, restore myself and enjoy the simplicity of life.

To get there, you must walk or canoe, carrying in what you need.

This is ‘my heart’s home’. I can be here minutes or days at a time. No matter what burden I carry in, when I leave it has been lightened and I am at peace.


Oh, dear! Toy… and what comes to mind?

Currently and for the past several years, truth be told, my ‘toys’ are really craft items. I have sewing machines, an embroidery machine, multiple scissors, rulers, multitudes of looms, knitting needles, crochet hooks and a room full of all the items that can be used with those toys. I have them because I enjoy making quilts, bags, afghans and all sorts of things with them.

However, on the display shelf in the above mentioned room, there are some ‘real’ toys. Toys from long ago, that require no batteries, power cords or anything but human hands to play with.

Whee-Lo, wooden top, marbles

I find it interesting, when the grandkids come to visit, bringing with them all the ‘new’ technology and things to play with. They usually ask to play with these of some item from the basket of toys I have kept on hand through two generations of children.

March 29 the photo prompt for today is “feet”, I have two of them.

Early this morning I was enjoying my coffee out on the porch along with a grand opening to the day – wearing my flipflops


THe prompt for yesterday, March 28, was “trash”. During an outing with a friend we came upon an old houseplace. Actually a rock foundation overgrown with wild vegetation, however an old stove sat rusting inside the foundation and a bit farther on, the remains of a school desk and a half gallon jar lay on the ground.

     The wisteria and honeysuckle blooming and the faded daffodils tell me this place was once a woman’s pride. The desk means likely there were children here, the jar a home for winter food or maybe treasures.

I love finding these old places and all the countless thoughts they bring. And I wo9nder, where have they gone?


When I read the prompt “Key”, a lot of things went through my mind. Key to the house that provides shelter, key to the truck that gets us from here to there and back, seeds, soil, and bees, that provide food, trees that recyle carbon dioxide and provide oxygen to breathe, a piano key for music.  So many wondrous possibilities!

Every one of those is a key to some part of my life! Then I realized that the ‘real key’, is what I believe. So I took a picture of one of the Bibles in my home. Yes, friends there are more than one, and all of them have been read, often.   It is where each day begins and ends.There you have it, the KEY in my life.

Breakfast was the word for March photo a day yesterday…

Breakfast is a big thing here on Sunrise Ridge, I will admit. and here we have  some of the providers of that meal

"Dollar" the pig contributed some tasty home cured ham

the chickens kindly provided fresh eggs

and with just a bit of effort on my part, we had yummy omelettes for our breakfast. All that was needed was to chop up some ham, whip up the eggs and tend to the skillet for a few minutes. Not a bad deal at all!

ham and cheese omelette ready to enjoy!

This is like Lay’s Potato Chips… ‘No one can eat just one’. I can’t share just one picture.

Here, around Sunrise Ridge, we have animals, from the dogs and chickens that live here to the grand and glorious wild things that also share our space.

In just the past few days many migratory birds have started nesting, out back. at  the food plot and salt lick a stream of larger critters travels through regularly to sample the nutritional supplements. All I need to do is look out the window to watch a pair of bluebirds preparing to raise a family.

Farther from the window, are the visitors who come mostly at night

        or quietly in the daylight. Much harder to get pictures of, but much appreciated by their presence.  

Like many people overthe ages, I am fascinated by the moon. I love to look at its silver glory in the night sky.  I take lots of moon pictures, but they rarely turn out well.

This one was taken at Current River. The moon is just breaking through clouds after a rain storm.

It is one of the better ones I have, so it is the one I chose to share.

I will admit it! My kitchen sink is rarely empty…

Around here, where three square meals are the order of the day, every day and usually some sort of dessert, most of the time there is something decorating the sink.  On the occasions it is empty for a while it is pretty boring.

So I hunted through my files and found this picture from March 2010, of two of the rather sleepy grandsons and I early one morning, preparing to make pancakes for the assembled crowd.

Yes, in the background is the sink and it’s decor of the window, a vine growing in a vase, some of my lighthouses and of course a bottle of dish soap. Like I said, pretty boring but there it is.



Here is how we make Easy Fried pies:  1/4 cup butter, (margarine, Crisco) 1 cup all purpose flour, 3 Tblsp hot milk, 1 egg yolk. BZlend together as any pie crust.  Roll out small portions of dough to about the size of a saucer. place 2=3 Tblsp pie filling near center or circle and fold over. Seal edges well. Fry in deep fat  (300 degrees) until golden brown. Glaze while still warm if desired with a thin powdered sugar glaze. The recipe is about right for one can of pie filling.

Grandson Brett helped make these delicious blueberry fried pies. Hubby and other guests applauded and asked for ‘more.’ That is why there are only four in the picture. I think that proves they are delicious.

I was busy a good part of yesterday,  tryng to think of something for photos of ‘before and after’. This was not what I had in mind!


Before, in the greenhouse, seeds are sprouting: greenhouse, sprouts 1After some wild and gusty winds, all that hard work of planting and nurturing hs gone for naught:

Project reconstruction will begin.