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After dinner last night, great grandson, Parker, age 3, treated me to a space voyage.
Our seat was in my big armchair, snuggled together, as he piloted our space rocket.
Parkers discourse:
The moon is made of rock and is solid, so you can stand on it.
You have to have your helmet (half a large plastic Easter egg), so you can breathe while you are there.
There is a person inside, but he is not home right now!
Yes, I wore my helmet! I would not have missed this adventure for the world!

I woke up at 2:30 this morning. The full moon was brilliant and beautiful. So bright it cast shadows across the yard. I had to go out and take a few photos.
Then I had to stop and consider how our Lord created the moon and stars to remind us of His watchfulness in our lives. He is always there, just like the sun, moon and stars above. No matter that a few clouds obscure the sight, He is there!

106_0343trees and clouds

Over the past few days, there have been some spectacular moments here on Sunrise Ridge. I have been blessed to be able to capture some with the camera to share with you.
I hope you enjoy.

incredible sunset

incredible sunset

watching the brush fire

watching the brush fire

The full moon slides behind the trees The full moon slides behind the trees[/caption]

random thoughts

Early this morning, I wandered through the dark house, entranced by the full moon shining in the windows. Bright enough to delay turning on the lights for a few minutes to enjoy the shadows cast on the snow.

Not quite ‘the luster of mid-day’ as Clement Moore described it, but none the less a lovely sight.

Hubby rose a bit later and mentioned that with the clear sky, I should be able to get some good snow pictures after the sun rises. He is probably right, but in a fit of insanity, fueled by lack of caffeine, no doubt, I got the tripod, camera and dressed for the 18 degrees we have this morning.

Out the door, to the snowy yard and setting the camera up I managed to get a couple of reasonable pictures of a still and silent night.

moon shadows 007a moon shadows 009 moon shadows 010a

It’s time for that fun-derful little thing called Friday Flash Fiction!  The picture this week supplied by Madison Woods and the task, to ‘tell a story’ in  about 100 words.

http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/flash-fiction/moon-and-sky/ is the link to find your way to other stories. It’s an interesting trip. Each author comes up with ideas of their own. Readers are encouraged to make comments.

I started out with 250+ words, and it was a challenge to get it down to the 104 words here.

                   On Buffalo River

Tom cut the blocks of sod, setting each aside.

He dug with haste in the small burial ground.

He looked around. His mother, a brother and others lay within the log fenced space.

At home, in the cabin, slept his family.

The full moon rose; shadows stretched. Tom bent to the work, shaping the deepening hole at his feet.

It was done!

From a hiding place, he picked up the box, heaving the weight to his shoulder.

Now he returned to his secret nighttime task.

The gold was safe, well hidden from the law that would turn it to paper. Resting between his daughter.

The longer story can be found here: https://oldentimes.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/its-here-the-weekend-is-nigh-fridayfictioneers-on-buffalo-river/

Feel free to comment on either or both.

Like many people overthe ages, I am fascinated by the moon. I love to look at its silver glory in the night sky.  I take lots of moon pictures, but they rarely turn out well.

This one was taken at Current River. The moon is just breaking through clouds after a rain storm.

It is one of the better ones I have, so it is the one I chose to share.