Friday is here! Time for another round of Friday Fictioneers, driven by Madison Woods. You can find her blog and more information on the weekly challenge here:

There are also links there to lead you to other 100 or so word stories and poems as we each create our own unique look at the photo.  This weeks photo is by Amanda Gray.


The wind sings

In the still

Early morning,

I hear echoes

Of laughter and of tears.

Feel a moment of joy,

Another of fear!

Imagination smells a cook fire

Sees a family

Rising to greet a new day.

I watch the sun rise

Casting rose-gold light

On the ruined adobe.

Herded away like sheep

By blue clad horsemen.

Cast into a world

Of broken promises.

The wind sings music,

Heartbreak, sad history!

I wonder as you stand

Silent and alone.

Who was here?

Who called this ‘home’?

The soldiers give

Then take away.

Greed prevailed

Leaving only this,

Reminder of  time past.