Has it been that long? Yes, since hubby decided we needed to stay haome and avoid the virus.

I’ll admit it is not the mowst fun thing I’ve ever done. I’m not a social butterfly, but I did enjoy running in to a neighbor, friend or family member from time to time.

Our grandson was married today, thanks to streaming video we were able to see him and his lovely bride take their vows and cut the cake.

A young neighbor messaged this morning, she was going to have to make a trip and wanted to know if I needed anything. Normall, I would have siad no, we are ok, but I realized while there was nothing we ‘had to have’, a loaf of bread would make my life easier and a tomato would be fine in a salad or on a sandwich in the next few days.

So I said, I could use these things, if they can be found. We need to feel like we are helping each other. For my part, due to the bread shortage two pans of yeast rolls came out of the oven this afternoon.

When our nighbor arrived on the porch, the required 6 feet away, I put a pan of fresh yeast rolls on the porch rail in trade.

Win, win I think.

It’s good to see community coming together.