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I woke up at 2:30 this morning. The full moon was brilliant and beautiful. So bright it cast shadows across the yard. I had to go out and take a few photos.
Then I had to stop and consider how our Lord created the moon and stars to remind us of His watchfulness in our lives. He is always there, just like the sun, moon and stars above. No matter that a few clouds obscure the sight, He is there!

106_0343trees and clouds

I love the early mornings. The kitchen is my spot, cup and Bible close at hand.
Sitting in the quiet darkness, my only companions the dogs, my coffee, time for meditation, prayers and then computer time.
This morning, as I sipped my caffinated drink, waiting for sunrise I could hear geese flying over and a symphony of owls.
The geese seem to be heading north, perhaps better predictors of spring arriving than the resident rodent of Pennsylvania.
The owls, I’m not sure if they are in an amorous mood, or telling one another about the nights hunting efforts. Whichever it might be, I enjoy hearing them sing to me.
The haunting soudns reach me, make me feel safe.
Of course, I must admit, I am looking forward to hearing the peep frogs and whip-poor-wills to begin the harmony of spring and summertime.

random thoughts

Early this morning, I wandered through the dark house, entranced by the full moon shining in the windows. Bright enough to delay turning on the lights for a few minutes to enjoy the shadows cast on the snow.

Not quite ‘the luster of mid-day’ as Clement Moore described it, but none the less a lovely sight.

Hubby rose a bit later and mentioned that with the clear sky, I should be able to get some good snow pictures after the sun rises. He is probably right, but in a fit of insanity, fueled by lack of caffeine, no doubt, I got the tripod, camera and dressed for the 18 degrees we have this morning.

Out the door, to the snowy yard and setting the camera up I managed to get a couple of reasonable pictures of a still and silent night.

moon shadows 007a moon shadows 009 moon shadows 010a

The prompt for today for Reason 2 Rhyme is to write a mathematical poem. For more information click here to see Karen Nelson’s blog: http://kbnelson.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/reason-2-rhyme-2-2-poem/

Let me say, math is not my long suit! I chose a septet. A poem of seven lines, each line a structure of syllables.

It has been so hot and miserable here, I tried to conjure up a little coolness in this poem.

Winter night

Frozen white flakes fall

Cold wind blasting breaks timber

Under the blankets shuddering sighs

I hate the alarm clock blare

Getting up in the dark

Early morn