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The door on ‘the old shed’. Pop, my late father in law made this door 50 some years ago. The building has been a one room house, a smoke house and is now a shed for storage,

http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/flash-fiction/old-wallpaper/  This is my entry in the 100 word Flash Fiction challenge this week. The photo prompt is “old wallpaper” and here is the picture.

I was very honored that one of ‘my’ pictures was chosen this week. I decided I had better step out of the comfort zone and try to come up with something new.

Breathing Space

She shook her head,

Raising a cloud of thick white dust.

The acid scent of mildew assaulted her nose.

Reaching, she pulled away a strip of faded paper.

Pulling into the darker part of the old house

Where the roof still held.

A safe warm bed!

Then the panting rat gave birth.

for another viewpoint look here: https://oldentimes.wordpress.com/2012/04/29/where-has-she-gone/ and go to the link at the top to see how others ‘see’ the picture.

Yes I am aware that this picture appeared yesterday, in a post titled “Where has she gone?” https://oldentimes.wordpress.com/2012/04/29/where-has-she-gone/

The old house, empty and alone made me sad. The scraps of living lost to time, losing the struggle against decay.

It seemed so sorrowful staring from empty windows at the overgrown yard. Watching the flowerbeds fall back to woodland, unable to keep the weeds at bay without human help.

It’s dreams all over,the family, the laughter and even the tears gone. The only visitors,  vandals who had destroyed the windows, knocked holes in the walls, wrecking havoc on something once loved and valued.

Out in our wandering, we came upon an old house, near falling away to rejoin the earth.

The broken walls and windows seem to cry for those that are gone.

THe yard is grown with blackberry briars, slowly eating away at the bed of iris.

I can see the touch of a woman’s hand here, and I wonder about her…

…  I can see her there in the yard, in a long skirt and apron, enjoying the scent and beauty of these iris, perhaps as she dumped out the dishwater or spent some time at a washtub with a scrub board.

I’ll be back, with a shovel and tub. I will take her flowers to a new home, and hope someday in the future, someone will do the same here and spread the beauty and springtime joy.