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The prompt for August 7 was 8 o’clock. Luckily we arrived at the river at 7:56 giving me time to get out of the truck and snap a photo at 8 AM!

The prompt for August 8 was’ glasses’.

From our camping place I got to enjoy the river through my rose colored glasses as the sun came up.

A replica gold piece and 3 silver dollars.

The photo prompt is ‘one’, so I chose this wild ginger flower taken back in March when things were blooming and full of promise. It was a wonderful Spring day, filled with the grandness of a trip to the river.

My second choice was this more recent photo of one lone apple, clinging to a barren tree in our yard. The tree is sorely compromised by our dry hot Summer weather. The apple seems to be enjoying the blessing of a small shower of rain.

Hidden away on Upper Current River,  Ozarks National Scenic Riverways, Welch Spring tumbles water into the river.

It’s a hike in to see the spring and ruins of an old hospital built there.

Grab a bottle of water and go! It is an easy walk and well worth it!

It is not really calm here on Sunrise Ridge this morning. Parker is here, he is getting much more active at 5 months and is havoing some ‘fussy’ issues with teething. That is fine, all babies go through this stage and soon he will be equipped with some teeth to go with his baby smiles!

We put him in his ‘scooter this morning too, he can’t make the noisy things work but has figured out how to get Grampa and Uncle Brett to push things and flip them to entertain him. 😉

He is getting the world figured out!

The photo prompt is ‘calm’ so I looked through the picture files and came up with one of my favorites. Hubby fishing and enjoying a peaceful morning at Cedar Grove on upper Current River, waiting for a trout ot cooperate with his efforts.


Here on Sunrise Ridge, Hubby at least believes the adage that breakfast is a most important meal. So here is a nice ham and cheese omelette on one of the plates, something we have pretty often.

                      We have reached day 10 of 100+ days, a couple showers dashed through, but did not do much for the parched earth.

Food is getting scaarce in the woods. The deer found our ready to harvest corn.

Hubby has watered, in the evenings. It has not helped much. A lot of the garden has just burned up


Squash and melons may not make it. We are going to0 have to decide if watering is ‘worth’ it.

Potatoes are near harvesting.

I’ve said before, gardens are an act of faith.

It’s hot here on Sunrise Ridge! Summer is upon us and we are on day 9 of 100+ degree heat.

Miss Lily has decided it is too hot to lay on the ground and has appropriated one of the chairs under the maple tree.