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Living in the mid-west, ‘fair season’ is usually late summer and early fall. I really enjoy these events, so I was delighted to attend one in central California while we were traveling.
May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 149a
A day at the fair

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 154
There were chickens,

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 158

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 163
and floats.

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 164

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 174

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 177
baked goods,

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 179
FFA animals shown for conformation

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 180

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 193
4-H market hogs

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 198

May 15 & 16 bertie's & FAIR 199

This has nothing to do with writing, the pen mentioned here is a pen for the feeder hogs, Hubby and Grandson built an adequate one before the pigs came to live with us. However since the pigs multiplied at the auction from the two we had planned on to five…

Fortunately, we found some other buyers for two of the extra ones and that made building a loading chute from the pen a necessity. Hubby has been working on this for a couple of days. Today I was drafted to assist with making the loading gate and getting it hung.

Since my body rejects lifting and twisting, necessary things in the project I was handed a level, tape measure and carpenters pencil. I knew that if anything did not fit, I was going to hear about it! I am pretty sure I have mentioned that Hubby and I are not exactly blessed with silver hammers when it comes to lumber construction.

Things fit, I figured out the proper placement of hinges and was there to hand screws and nails as needed. Happily at 4 PM, we were able to say the days project was complete.

When the buyers show up, we will be able to load the pigs!

Soon after Hubby got out of the Army (many years ago) he mentioned that he would like to farm. That never happened although we lived on 20 acres next to his parents and at various times had cows, ponies, pigs, chickens, and assorted other animals. His parents did the ‘farming’ part.

When Pop, his dad passed away the large stock went soon after. Hubby worked and kept working until a few years ago. In  the meantime we made a couple of moves here and there, raised a family and all that before coming back to rest and live on the same 20 acre place we left. Right here on Sunrise Ridge in the beautiful state of Missouri.


Who says you can’t come home again? We did!

We always had dogs, but that was it, we still have hunting beagles.

We raised a good size garden, because we both enjoyed ‘playing in the dirt’. Home grown and home preserved fruits and vegetables are sure tasty come winter time too!

A couple of years ago we added chickens for eggs and meat production. Not only do they contribute to the food, they seem to help keep the population of unpleasant insects down too.

Between the garden, fruit trees and chickens we have managed to keep the pantry, freezer and our tummies pretty well filled!

Last fall I won a pig at the county fair, we butchered it and ever since Hubby has talked about ‘getting a couple of pigs’.

Last week, he and the grandson built a pen for said pigs, which should be purchased soon. Fattened up a bit and join other things in the freezer.

A few days ago, one of the nieces wanted to know if anyone would take her daughters Easter ducklings, no longer cute and fluffy. The ducks arrived this morning.

Alright, it’s not a big farm, maybe it’s a stretch to even call it that? But it is not everyone who gets to have a dream come true, and for right now our way of ‘farming’ is pretty much that.