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Sitting here inside, looking out my window. The only signs of spring I see are colorful birds flocking to feed. Sunrise Ridge is covered in icy sleet about 3 inches deep.
Only a week ago, temperatures were in the 50 and 60 degree range. Some outdoor chores were done.
We separated some plants off the ‘mother’ blueberry bush and got them in new spots. Well mulched, hope they survived the weekend storm.
One of the ‘babies’ didn’t have much root, so I brought it in and stuck it in a bucket of water in a south window. Roots are filling the bucket and this morning discovered tiny green leaves coming out. Yes, there is hope!
It has been a long winter, and the return of robins, green growing things even inside) and sunshine is a blessing.
In the not far away future, the snow and ice will go away, as it has for millions of years.
Today, I rejoice in that fact!

Over the past few days, we realized that the time has come to get a start on the garden. Realization seems to come with the first sprouts of asparagus breaking through the soil and the discovery of blossoms on the strawberry plants. Growing things signal time to get gardens prepared and planted.

I love the plants and seeds going in and even more the products of all the work.

fielld flowers, stoplight 007asparagus

fielld flowers, stoplight 010 strawberries in bloom

Sunday afternoon, Hubby and I planted tomato and cucumber seed so those plants will get the needed head start.

Yesterday, a trip out to the local Feed & Seed was necessary. Along with the hog feed we came home with packets of seed. Ready for the correct weather and some tilling to be done.

A shower or two of rain last night has knocked the petals off the fruit trees, under the plums, it looks like white snow, the peach trees have a carpet of pink.

Hubby wanted to build a greenhouse this year. However, on a shopping trip the other day he found this for far less than the materials we were after. Now this little green plastic covered ‘building’

is sitting in the front yard.


As of yesterday, it has plants in it. Maybe not ‘plants’, but at least the seed is in the potting soil and some of the shelves are filled with things we hope to eat in the future. Hopefully enough to have plenty of fresh veggies through the summer and some to preserve for later on. I look forward to the canning and freezing almost as much as to the growing and eating fresh!

That, of course, is the purpose of gardening here on Sunrise Ridge.

Tomatoes, brocolli, cauliflower among other things, were potted and placed there with faith they will grow.