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It’s time to tell a story in 100 words or less! Madison Woods has provided a picture, everyone provides the story it conjures. http://madison-woods.com/index-of-stories/grapevines/ will take you to Madison’s picture and links to other writers offerings.

This weeks photo and the hot dry weather we have had, led me to try to tell a tale of the past. Please feel free to post comments and criticism.

Dust Bowl

Streaming hot sun,

Soaks through the leaves

Turning them Autumn gold.

Sweat soaked bodies

Stop to look,

The young man pushes back

Battered straw hat

Sighs, “Gemma. Don’t think there’s a crop.

Jest too dry,

An’ this hunnert degree weather!

Killing ever’thing.

See, the blooms burnt up.

They ain’t gonna make, girl”

Dusty face raised to the cloudless sky

He shakes a fist at the perfect blue,

Chokes back a tear.

Not this year, Gemma,

Not this year.”

He watches dust boil over ruined crops

When did it last rain?

He doesn’t remember.

It’s time to pack and leave.

The prompt for today for Reason 2 Rhyme is to write a mathematical poem. For more information click here to see Karen Nelson’s blog: http://kbnelson.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/reason-2-rhyme-2-2-poem/

Let me say, math is not my long suit! I chose a septet. A poem of seven lines, each line a structure of syllables.

It has been so hot and miserable here, I tried to conjure up a little coolness in this poem.

Winter night

Frozen white flakes fall

Cold wind blasting breaks timber

Under the blankets shuddering sighs

I hate the alarm clock blare

Getting up in the dark

Early morn

Friday is here! Time for another round of Friday Fictioneers, driven by Madison Woods. You can find her blog and more information on the weekly challenge here: http://madison-woods.com/index-of-stories/outside-pecos/

There are also links there to lead you to other 100 or so word stories and poems as we each create our own unique look at the photo.  This weeks photo is by Amanda Gray.


The wind sings

In the still

Early morning,

I hear echoes

Of laughter and of tears.

Feel a moment of joy,

Another of fear!

Imagination smells a cook fire

Sees a family

Rising to greet a new day.

I watch the sun rise

Casting rose-gold light

On the ruined adobe.

Herded away like sheep

By blue clad horsemen.

Cast into a world

Of broken promises.

The wind sings music,

Heartbreak, sad history!

I wonder as you stand

Silent and alone.

Who was here?

Who called this ‘home’?

The soldiers give

Then take away.

Greed prevailed

Leaving only this,

Reminder of  time past.



http://kbnelson.wordpress.com/  Select one particular day in history (the world’s or your personal experience) and write a poem contrasting the same day in the present.

The Dragon’s fiery breath

The phone rings

Breaking the silence

Of the office where I sit

Typing up the afternoon list.

“The president was shot!”

and hangs up.

It rings again, strident

Another voice, message the same.

Confused, I wonder what to do.

I call a teacher, the principal is in a meeting.

Soon, our classes are dismissed

November 22, 1963

Next week,  Thanksgiving

but little giving thanks.

November 22 now never passes

Without memorials, talklking heads, conjectures

Just a  flash of news today,

They won’t let me forget.