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Don’t turn your back!

kids, puppies 001
The nights are getting longer! Mama Rosie has decided that the corner is no longer a proper place for the beagle family to spend the night. Getting one or the other of us up at least once a night is becoming the norm.
Waking up to squealing pups is not pleasant! Nearly stepping on one is even worse! Not only is Mama moving them from time to time, but they are becoming mobile on their own too.
I am really trying to understand how she managed to get them across the room and up into my recliner. They are surely not that mobile yet!
They were rescued before anyone nose-dived to the floor, Hubby has fixed them a different box for containment. I am hoping for continued warm weather so they can go out to the kennels.

The prompts were “fun” and “on the floor”

This picture certainly fills both of those requirements.

Here, gathered on the floor to look at the new puppies are my niece’s four children.