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Dear Morgan,

This frame holds some of your history.

I will tell you what I can, the quilt blocks were pieced by your great-great-great-grandmother.

She used those cardboard cutouts to make the smaller pieces to sew together by hand as you can see from the one I left upside down. those pieces and the cutout are from a pattern called double wedding ring.

The full block and its pieces are called Dresden Plate.

You might notice your great-great- great grandfather’s name and address on the pattern pieces I included.

The fabric in the back was from her ‘fabric stash’ as quilters call the fabrics saved or purchased for making their treasures.

The red flowers is from an old feed sack, the way many ladies got their fabric. Often they would make a child a dress or shirt and then use the remainder for quilts.

I came by this from someone who had purchased it at an auction and passed it to me. I saved some of the old fabric and blocks, because they are treasures.

Your Great-great grandmother, Bettie, told me they were made by her mother-in-law and asked if I would fix some for you. So here it is, I do hope that you will find it a ‘treasure’ and as you grow up something you will always love.

Mary Shipman

Some time ago, the Quilt in a Day forum had a contest. Simply put, you had to name and describe an ice cream flavor, using quilting terms. The quotes in the body are for quilt terms and quilt block names. I let imagination take over and this result was my entry:

In honor of talented ‘sewing’ instructor, author, ‘quilter’, and owner of “‘Quilt’ in a Day”, Eleanor Burns, we would like to introduce, “Sunbonnet Sue ‘Light'” our newest ice cream. So much like ‘hand made’, you won’t believe a ‘machine’ was involved! A perfect new ‘angle’ for a sweet treat.

We all ‘cotton’ up to something good and this new reduced calorie flavor is sure to go around the ‘block’. Just a bit will prove our brand is a ‘cut’ above the rest. It will beome a real ‘star’ when served at your ‘log cabin’!

‘Double’ delicious, with reduced fat and calories, a ‘delectable mountain’ of “Sunbonnet Sue Light”,’fabric’ated of creamy ‘traditional’ fresh vanilla, ‘bound’ together with succulent ‘strips’ of chocolate, ‘charmed’ with ‘bright’ cherries, ‘soft’ marshmellow, and ‘pieces’ of almond will not cause any guilt in your day.

From ‘king’ to those in the ‘crib’, all will agree to our tasteful ‘blend’.

Don’t go to the ‘mat’ for a great snack or dessert idea, just ‘pick out’ our new “Sunbonnet Sue Light” at your favorite store, for a simple but elegant ‘finish’! It will become a ‘top’ choice in your freezer.

This was a lot of fun to enter and the prize of a quilt book from Quilt in a Day was a great added bonus

For the backstory, please go here: https://oldentimes.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/flour-sack-feed-sack-treasure/

Since that post was written, I have discovered some ‘history’ regarding some of the quilting treasure. Part of it belonged to the great-great-great grandmother of a young girl who attends my church.
At the request of this young ladies great-great grandmother, I have made a collage of some of the ‘treasure’ to present her and written the accompanying letter:
Dear Morgan,

Right now, perhaps, you are too young to understand this treasure.
Years ago, ladies made quilts to keep their families warm. People could not go to the store and buy things, like we do now, so every scrap was used for something.
In winter, when things were slow and there was not so much work to do, quilts were made. Often this had to be done at night after the rest of the family was in bed, using a coal oil lamp for light. It was very hard work.
In this frame is a quilt block, in the pattern called Dresden plate. This one is made with old feed sack fabric, some of what is called ‘shirting’, possibly dress fabric and cotton broadcloth.
The pattern pieces with it were cut from cardboard.
They would be traced on the fabric, then it was cut out in shapes and sewed together by hand to make blocks.
These would finally be sewed to make a quilt top, layered with a batting and back and stitched together to make a warm quilt.
The strips are for a quilt called ‘Double Wedding Ring’, quite often made years ago by a mother, aunt or grandmother as a wedding gift for a bride and groom. A treasure for all their lives.
This one seems to have pieces cut from clothing, possibly that of the bride or groom’s family. I left one upside down so the hand stitching would show.
Now I know, you are asking, why is this a treasure for me?
This Dresden Plate block and the pieces for the Double Wedding Ring were made by your great-great-great- grandmother. The fabric is old and valued in quilt making today, a rare and wonderful find.
I received it as a gift and now I am giving it back to you.

Today, four friends gathered to make quilt ‘tops’.
One of the group had already made one so helped us with the new ‘tools’ and ‘techniques’ needed to turn fabric and ‘thread’ into something beautiful and when finished, will no doubt keep someone ‘toasty’ warm.
Information on making our tops can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWOS9KBDJgU
Here is one of my blocks, called Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star.
hunter star 001

Grandson Brett has scientifically chosen a winner. Pulled a name from the jar.  An e-mail is on the way.

If we do not get a reply by Monday another will be chosen.

Thank you all for participating!

Consider this, I spend about one-third of my time in the kitchen. There is cooking, canning, baking, cleaning up and the chair I prefer to sit in to read and do paperwork. The table is great for eating, spreading a quilt to work on or enjoying a puzzle.

It’s a great place to sit and share time with family and friends as well.

My kitchen is a big part of my life, you see. I have tried to surround myself with things there that I love… so here is a corner of my kitchen for all the world to see.


 A new month begins and a new list of photo prompts from http://www.fatmumslim.com.au/ to thnk about.


“Peace” is today’s topic. After giving that some consideration, I thought about how peaceful and special life is here on Sunrise Ridge, so I want to share a photo collage that I like to call “my life in a minute’

If a person wanted to start my brain boiling in confusion, they would say ‘black and white’!

A person who spends a lot of time doing crafts, making quilts, cooking good meals, and trying to make  their words into pictures for others to ‘see’, has a problem with ‘black and white’. Or at least I do! My brain sees in COLOR! Bright, vivid, flamboyant color.

I finally came up with something… it’s an older picture, but it is something I love and use often. When I’m not using it, it is on the back of the chair for anyone who comes by to see that there is a little ‘black and white’ in my colorful world. I used my embroidery machine to make the ‘ladies’ and a pattern from a friend for the top of this lap robe size quilt that shares my world, keeping me toasty warm on a cool evening, wrapping a sleepy toddler or tucking in a grandchild who is ‘sleeping over’

It really was not lost, it was right here: http://www.nativeamericanstarquilts.net/ and I was happy I found it!

Even happier to find a collection of fabrics in my material wealth that looked pretty good for the project. When I laid out the strips I found the orange was a bit too bright so I changed that color…

Part of it made and lying on the bed to get a perspective.

I want to send a big shout out of thanks to the fine men and women who donate their time and talent to the Quilts of Valor Foundation. This organization makes and donates quilts to combat veterans.   

March is National Craft Month and National Quilt Day is coming up this weekend. I thought it might be appropriate to share these two links about this worthy and wonderful cause.

http://qovf.blogspot.com/2012/03/nebraskas-national-quilt-day-sew-in.html?showComment=1331630591343#c435906009875825110  includes some lovely pictures of some of their quilts.

http://qovf.org/ General information regarding Quilts of Valor. The site includes a request form for to ask for a quilt for a veteran and information for donations.

Yesterday the mail lady stopped at my dad’s house with a package for him…

Dad with his Quilt of Valor