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Well, my friends, it is still raining. The plinking or thundering sound of drops on the roof has sort of lost its pleasure. Walking on wet sponges was never much of a favorite thing to do and looking at the creek rushing where our road is supposed to be does not fill Hubby or me with elation.
Now that I have had my chance to grump and grumble, I will tell myself the blessings. I do not have to do laundry for a family and try to dry outside on a line. There was a time…
I don’t have to ‘go’ anywhere. We have food, water, a generator (just in case) and plenty of fuel for cooking.
I have crafts and books to keep me from going ‘stir crazy’.
There is the computer and phone for ‘outside contact’.
There have been moments when the sun has come out, sparkling on the water drops and a rainbow has arched across the sky. So I know that there is blue sky and God has not forgotten his promise.
I think the blessings outweigh the inconvenience.
I will wait, the rain will stop, and no doubt there will be a day we will wish for it to return.

Grand Isle beach
A grand and glorious morning on the beach at GrandIsle LA.
The red sunrise over the softly roiling waves portends a thunderstorm of such magnitude that all the camping gear was soon soaked.
Water, fresh and salt, mixing together in a windy swirl, elixir of life!

Or so my Irish ancestors would have described it.
Fog, so thick it can be sliced, slipped in early on a warm current of southern air, showers have dusted the bare trees with jewel drops of fresh moisture. Yes, it softened the edges of the buildings and the stark roughness of the tree branches outside the window. A lovely and apt descrioption of this sort of day.
I can’t say it has bothered the chickens as you may note from the prescence of the rooster in this picture.
soft day 002a

Soft, in more ways than one. Yesterday I had some dental surgery, and part of allowing things to heal means ‘soft’ food, at least for today. I did the hot cereal, yougurt and soup routine… somehow far from satisfying or filling.
Finally, I decided to make some macaroni and cheese, well laced with chunky hot salsa and ham salad.
Both were awarded Hubby’s ‘2 platefull seal of approval’, and I feel much better for consuming it.
While I did not use the traditional passed down family recipe for homemade macaroni and cheese like I might have on another day, it turned out well.
The mac and cheese was a ‘cheater’ mode, made from a box out of the pantry, ( I do try to keep things like that on hand) just adding a third cup of salsa and mixing it well.
Ham salad was from the last of the Christmas ham, thawed, chopped in the blender with some onion, pickles and salad dressing.
Nothing fancy, but a lot more filling than another cup of soup.

Dear Blog,

I know, it has been several days since I posted. I do apologize.

Hubby went off with one of his buddies for a few days and that left all the outdoor chores to me. Most of the time that is no problem, I may not do them exactly as he does but it seems that this week was a bit different.

We had a buyer for some beagles, who showed up. Simple matter of going into the big kennel and catching the right two dogs. Well, nothing is ever as simple as it should be in my world. As the buyer and his companion stood outside the kennel, I managed to trip and twist my knee. Lucky for me I did not fall, or I might still be trying to catch beagles running loose here on the ridge.

I resorted to the recliner, ice, elevation and worrying about getting chores done! Two of my good ‘lady friends’ came over that night, and all went well.

The next day, I had help from some relatives and several folks who checked on my welfare. I never think about being here alone, until something silly like this happens and I realize if I can’t get to the phone or computer, there could be a serious problem.

The knee is still a bit swollen and does not want to do a lot of what knees are supposed to, bend, support and aid in walking, but I am thankful it is not worse and that aid was available.

Friday morning, a homeschooler friend, donated her son to stay until Hubby got home. Not only was he a big help, but he and Hubby went rabbit hunting yesterday. It was the boy’s first time out with the dogs and he proudly brought down a rabbit.

Friday was a rough day for Miss Lily, my 11-year-old dog. She got snake bit and has not been feeling too well. It is now Sunday and she has improved somewhat, but is definitely not yet herself.

Along with all that, I have been sitting in the living room, watching the leaves outside change color to grand Autumn hues, reading some of the many books that have piled up over the summer, knitting and listening to raindrops fall. We have had a little over 2 inches of rain this week. I emptied 1.25 from the gauge Friday and there was over .75 in it this morning.

I have been to churchtoday, and am looking forward to a better week ahead.

It is Friday and thanks to Madison Woods and a photo prompt,  there are words from all over the world and many minds… You can link to them right here http://madison-woods.com/index-of-stories/083112-3/

Stacy Plowright’s photo is below, along with my thoughts.




and so it ends

We are enjoying the remnants of Isaac here on Sunrise Ridge this morning.

So much damage and devastation in his wake, and yet,  the rain falls softly here.

As each drop lands on the drought parched earth, I can almost hear the cheers.

Soaking them in, hiding them in the depths, joyfully collecting the treasure.

Wilted, sagging leaves reach up in praise to the Provider of these rare jewels falling from the sky.

I watch in wonder as puddles form, tiny streams appear.

Give thanks here, and think of those less fortunate,

Who lost homes and treasures in the brunt of the storm

Never take what you have for granted…

It CAN be taken away!

Rain! That’s right, I said RAIN! Our first real rain since sometime in May.

We had a show of lightning and thunder and  with it some wonderful falling water last night. Three-quarters of an inch is not enough to ‘save’ things, but as I looked out this morning to dripping leaves and a tinge of green across the food plot, I knew we were blessed.

I can only imagine how the wildlife must feel today. Water holes have been renewed and there may be some fresh tender shoots coming up for them to eat.

Everyone here on Sunrise Ridge feels ‘better’ today. Cool, washed air leads to pleasant thoughts.

The record breaking heat and dry weather was chased away yesterday! Showers fell here on Sunrise Ridge! As the pond level fell, we could see tradcks of many of the local wild things which had come for water and the camera at the feeder has recorded many two and four legged animals coming in to eat or use the salt lick.

It has been hard on them too.

Down the road a piece, there was some heavier rain. Some friends posted pictures of puddles and waater running in a stream from the roof!

I did not see any puddles here, nor streams of water.   We are pleased to report that the leaves are washed, the ground dampened and it’s only in the 90’s today! Certainly a blessing after the past few weeks. Forlorn plants have perked up a bit.

It comes I fear ‘too little and too late’ to do the garden and much of the woodland much good. But still, hope remains. There is time yet to plant a few things that will have time to mature. THere will be things to plant soon for fall too, late cabbage, turnips and such.

Yes, we are needing rain around here! Even the stalwart weeds are drooping as the sun beams down. In the woods and edges of the fields, sassafras and sumac are already showing the yellow, gold, and red of fall color. We don’t usually see that until August or September. I hope that it is from the dry, August like weather, not a sign of an early and hard winter to come.

My mind frequently dwells on the old hymn “Showers of Blessings”, which has little to do with rainfall, but reminds me of the blessings that fall around me.

The flowers in my yard don’t look too good, even with watering. I admit I am not watering them a lot, really just enough to keep them going.

The garden is the priority of course, that means future food.  Things are looking pretty nice down there, Hubby has put in a lot of time and energy to make it so. Now we have water lines, hoses and sprinkler, years back, we carried water in buckets from the pond, carefully watering each plant. Now we set up the water system and sit under the shade or even in the house as the plants get a drink.

We are getting some green beans, zucchini, tomatoes on a regular basis now. Got the first picking of corn today. There is a lot pf promise, waiting to be fulfilled, it is the yearly cycle and it is a bit ‘off’ this year.

I have given up on a crop of broccoli this year. The four-legged critters sneak in at night, leaving bare stems and deer tracks. It’s okay, I am willing to share.

It’s getting near the Fourth of July, you can usually depend on some good soaking rain here about this time of year. As crazy as the weather has been, I will believe it when I see the drops fall.

The photo prompt today is ‘window’.

It is raining, gray and dreary out the windows on Sunrise Ridge today. The drops speak of promise but are not easy to photograph.

The birds, even my flock of free range chickens seem to be hiding out in shelters I cannot see from here.

Hubby took the truck to a neighbors, so there is nothing in the driveway to take a picture of either.

It’s time to look in the files and see what might be there… ahh, yes, a few days ago there was a wonderful sunset

As I turned around from getting this shot, I realized there was a reflection in the window of my computer room,

I thought it was impressive, and snapped a picture of it as well.

I am having a grand time playing with marchphotoaday topics, and I am finally able to justify to Hubby a good reason for taking all the pictures I do.

I also want to say a big thank you to Tony Northrup. I have his book How to Create Stunning Digital Photography. 

His clear concise instructions and practical suggestions will convince even a novice, to get out and take more and much better pictures. He lists ‘Practice’ at the end of each section to use what has been learned.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who owns a digital camera, it will make avast difference in your pictures once you know ‘how to make a picture, instead of just take a picture”.