If there is not enough tea, Koolaid, soda left in the container to fill another glass – consider it EMPTY, and make or replenish the supply for the next person. As of today, I too, am going to leave the empty container sit in the fridge and see how long it takes… sadly that may be forever.

If there is only 1/16th of an inch of jelly, a condiment or whatever in the container, – consider it EMPTY!

You should then check the pantry for a replacement and if necessary add the item to the shopping list. You say you want ketchup, I don’t use it, why should I worry about it?

If there are 6 eggs or less in the carton, (that is pretty much ONE breakfast for us) consider that EMPTY, if there is another carton of eggs, write it on the list, if there is NOT, there could be a problem! You need to let the manager know and maybe change your plan!

If there is one slice of bread left in the package, get more from the freezer or consider making biscuits. Everyone here, over the age of 5 knows how to make them and if they are that small there is someone ‘big’ enough to bake them. The recipe is posted on the frieezer door, ingredients in the cabinet above the microwave.

The bathrooms are stocked with necessary items, TP, wipes, soap, toothpaste, clean washcloths and towels… You all know where the ‘replacements’ are. I don’t let those things run out. Just open the cabinet, or do I need to take the door off, so you can’t miss it? Next time I find the tissue roll empty, it will stay that way!

If you get out the last spoon, fork, bowl, plate etc. It is YOUR TURN to wash dishes. RIGHT NOW!

I do the best I can here, but some of this falls in the realm of other peoples responsibility!
Thank you very much and maybe, later on today, I will return … or, maybe I will call someone for take out and find a driver to get there.