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It’s the time of year, we want to ‘get out and have fun’. This is not paranoia, it is preparedness, and if you are going to get off the beaten track, good information.
As my friend, Izzy Wright, has been known to say, “It’s better to have and not need it, than to need and not have it.’
We carry a similar supply in with our camping gear, and it has come in handy more than once, not just for us, but for others out there in need as well.

Unexpected Dangers. What's in YOUR hiking day-pack?.

One of those ‘perfect’ June afternoons, my toes want to be dangling in cool creek water, splashing gently in the rocks, helping the little ones catch a minnow or crawdad, smelling the wild flowers, listening to the birds and bugs sing the time away… then maybe some hotdogs and s’mores over a camp fire to finish off the day.
Cedar Grove camping trip 2012 010
Better yet, camping along a river, but for today, I will have to be content with just the thoughts and promise of these things to come.

Sometimes, it is funny how my mind works.
It all started today, when my daughter, Tara Banks, posted this on her blog. I highly recommend that you click the link and read the post.
Reading it brought back a lot of memories. Mother used to make these ‘toad in a holes’ on her big square griddle, and in later years we would whip them out to hungry kids while camping.
Enjoying many a sunrise on the river or at the beach, Hubby and I used a cast iron skillet for the delicious morsels. Sometimes on the trusty Coleman stove and more often over an open fire nest to the coffeepot. Kids waited patiently, or not for their plates to be filled.
The thought of those camping trips reminded me of some books we bought long ago. Dian Thomas produced “Roughing it Easy” and “Roughing it Easy 2”. I went to look and sure enough I do have them! Worn and well used.
That led me to a search on Amazon.com. Both books are still available.
If you are a seasoned camper or are thinking about it for the first time, there are many fun and interesting ideas to make your trip more enjoyable.

It’s Friday, and time for An attempt t0 tell a story in 100 words or close to that. Madison Woods link  http://madison-woods.com/index-of-stories/081012-2/ has a picture to provide inspirataion, the rest is up to participants. This weeks photo was provided by Susan Wenzel

Here is mine.

Camping on the river                              

We walked along the rivers edge

Happy children, splashing, picking up mussel shells

Chasing crawfish into deeper water

Skipping rocks across the stream.

“One, two, three ,four!”

“Mine went farther!”

Eating hotdogs and s’mores

At the campfire

As darkness falls.

Until the sounds of alien creatures

Rustling around the tent

Brings utter terror in the night.

Hidden away on Upper Current River,  Ozarks National Scenic Riverways, Welch Spring tumbles water into the river.

It’s a hike in to see the spring and ruins of an old hospital built there.

Grab a bottle of water and go! It is an easy walk and well worth it!

It is not really calm here on Sunrise Ridge this morning. Parker is here, he is getting much more active at 5 months and is havoing some ‘fussy’ issues with teething. That is fine, all babies go through this stage and soon he will be equipped with some teeth to go with his baby smiles!

We put him in his ‘scooter this morning too, he can’t make the noisy things work but has figured out how to get Grampa and Uncle Brett to push things and flip them to entertain him. 😉

He is getting the world figured out!

The photo prompt is ‘calm’ so I looked through the picture files and came up with one of my favorites. Hubby fishing and enjoying a peaceful morning at Cedar Grove on upper Current River, waiting for a trout ot cooperate with his efforts.

Write a letter to a landscape or scene you pass through today (or often). This is the challenge for July 16.

Karen Nelson has the information on her blog, along with links to other participants posts http://kbnelson.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/reason-2-rhyme-letter-to-the-landscape-poetry-challengeprompt/

One of my favorite places along ‘my river’ holds this intriguing natural sculpture, when we go there I take pictures, like a real face, different light gives it personality, and so does my mind as I speak to it on each visit. Cleck on the photo to get a better view of the face.

Hidden face

Hello, tall bluff, deep staring eyes

Rough stone face, hidden in the hollow

I look for as my canoe slides

Silently past in cold clear water.

Hot summer sun on my shoulders.

You guard the deep hole

Where rainbow and brown

Hide under your edge.

I greet you once again.




While there are many wonderful things to view right here on Sunrise Ridge, I was blessed today with a trip ‘out’ with friends.

We visited Big Springs, a part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways near Van Buren Missouri.

Ozark Heritage Day was going on with demonstrations of many crafts and living history vignettes. More about some of those in the next few days.

Today, just relax, enjoy the wonderful colors of the spring and the cool clear flow of water.

The Spring was beautiful to behold, so I choose this as ‘my view today’. I hope you enjoy it too.

Take two parents, four grown daughters and an assortment of grandchildren. Toss in some other friends and relatives… Stories, hopes, dreams and laughter and sometimes even a tear

Mix them with tents and camping gear at a favorite place. Throw in a trout stream, swimming hole and s’mores on the camp fire, of course there will be at least a snake somewhere to scare everyone… and maybe a raccoon to snatch up a snack. Birds and butterflies add a bit of brilliant decoration.

Now remove electronics, no cell phone service, and you have to hike to the camp site…

What do you have?

The BEST time!

Making memories together and holding each other close! Related post: https://oldentimes.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/day-6-hat-photoadayjune/

It could not be better! Hot, humid and hazy, more like July than May it’s a lovely day to think of being on the river

But I am not, instead I am here on Sunrise Ridge, looking at some blackberries that need to go in a bucket and become something wonderful before it gets too hot to be outside.