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Something that makes me happy? Now whatever could that be?

Throughtout my life, I have had good examples of ‘happiness’

From the sunrise that begins my day to the end of it, there are so many things that make me happy it is hard to choose ONE!

Each moment of every day has its own blessings, its own joy and I am so blessed with family, friends and everything I need!

Life doesn’t get much better than what I’ve got! So at this moment, I share it with you in words and pictures.

What is something making you happy today?

Oh, what could be better and more ‘fun’ than wading in a clear river on a warm Spring day?

Surrounded by solitude, but not silence as birds sing and water ripples, a soft accompaniment to restoring thoughts, renewing dreams.

Got my camera, pen, paper, and lawn chair.


We are off early today to spend some time at the river.  Should arrive in time to meet the new born morning.

Challenging friends to write a 50 – 100 word comment, using the photo as an idea.

I got out my calculator. In my lifetime so far there have been over 21000 breakfasts. I will admit that a lot of those have been just coffee. Mostly I am not an early morning eater. I looked through my files and found this picture of my cup sitting on a log just as the sun came up.

Today’s prompt was ‘neighborhood’. Living at the end of the road, far in the country, I had a time thinking what would portray my neighborhood to someone.

I have no ‘neighbors’ in the sense most people understand.  I do have them, and they are good ones, but not really close by. Often times, the school bus occupants and mail lady as they pass, are the only people I see all day besides Hubby.

For the most part, my neighborhood is what is close around me, changing throughout the seasons, wildlife, nature, the garden, the old barn.

I could not interpret it in one single picture, so I took several, new and from my files and made a collage that depicts ‘my neighborhood’, at least in my own mind. Day or night, through all the seasons of the year, my neighborhood holds beauty and blessings, a special moment is there anytime I open my door.