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about the place, deer cam, snapper 032First of all, this challenge was met with laughter. The nearest ‘street’ would be the county highway, a bit over a mile from my house.

These days, our street, finally designated a county road for purposes of 911 identification and more recently mail delivery is still ‘an old dirt road’. It has progressed from a set of parallel tire tracks wending through the woods, to a solid dirt road, in most places wide enough to allow two vehicles to travel without danger.

That stops at my driveway and the two tracks continue off toward the barn and beyond, still leading a few four-wheeler riders and horseback riders to adventure. Most of the time though, a vehicle arrives here with guests or someone lost. And you can’t depend on getting here using GPS, it will take you down the wrong turn off about a quarter mile away. A few years ago we had some issues with census takers, one who insisted we actually lived somewhere else.

The county comes out from time to time and runs the grader or adds gravel to the surface when weather takes a toll. So I chose a photo of work being done, back in July.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing living out here at the end of the road!


When you see a sign like this, just slow down. Prepare to take a step back about 100 years.

Watch for signs, “Harness Shop”, “Hand made Quilts”, “Fresh Eggs”, Hand Made Wood working” hanging along the road.