khloee in the kitchen 003
Along the paths of my Kitchen Memories are precious times spent with my great-grandmother, whose pies are still a legend and the recipes still baked today.
My grandmother, who lived with us as I was growing up and taught me how to make jelly and preserve food.
Then of course, my mother, she encouraged me in the kitchen with her skills. Feeding a good-sized family on a tight budget was something she did well.
Now we get to me, generation four, no longer the student, I have also become the teacher as the years have passed.
My daughters and their friends passed through the kitchen, learning all I could pass along. Most of them left with a hand written cookbook of favorites. Those that did not, call home from time to time. 🙂
The grand-kids, mostly their experience is with holidays. baking cookies, making candy and of course the twisting of the old hand grinder at Thanksgiving to make my mother’s cranberry relish.
Now a new generation begins the process. Great granddaughter joins me in the kitchen quite often these days. She lives not too far away and her parents. Yesterday we baked ‘granpa’s favorite cake’ and frosted it for dessert.
Maybe this has something to do with why I feel so comfortable in the kitchen. I think there may be a member or two of any of the seven generations there whenever I get ready to cook.