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This morning, Hubby and two grand-boys went off to an auction, leaving me home to  enjoy a day of laundry, cleaning and such with no interruptions.

They pulled in about 4:30, after I had all the animals taken care of for the day.

Hubby walks in, asks for a glass of tea, hands me the auction stubs and says, “I spent about a hundred dollars.”

I start looking through the ticket stubs, let out a yelp, grabbed my camera and ran to the truck!


There it was, 100_0040a beauty and a treasure!

All the attachments, extra bobbins and needles. the key to the top drawer, an extra belt, spools of thread marked 18 cents and some cardboard quilt templates were found inside the drawers.

100_0041The boys have it in the sewing room, I have plans for it!




Years ago, I learned to sew on one of these, and I have a gang of kids, grand and great that should learn to use one too.

Maybe, down the road, someone else will be pleased to own this treasure!


The dream machine

I like to sew, and someday would like to own my ‘dream machine’. No, it is not top of the line in technology! It is one like I learned to sew on back in the 1950’s.
An old Singer treadle machine.
Spring has arrived and it is the beginning of auction season. We were at one today, there was an older model treadle machine in the sale.
I looked it over and drooled a bit. Even though some parts were missing the machine itself was in working order, and I am sure the bobbin, bobbin case and other parts could be obtained somewhere.
These are in demand I know and I also wondered what had happened to two others that had been converted to tables on top of the metal treadle frame.
I stepped back to watch after the price went beyond my budget, this machine sold for over $400! It was not meant for me this time. Maybe someday, who knows?
Ayoung Amish man, accompanied by four small boys bought it. That makes sense, since they do not use electricity.
I hope his wife gets it fixed and gets many more years of use from it.
montauk auction 001