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Dear National Weather Service:
Once again, you are putting our area under a Winter storm Warning, for snow and ice.
It’s not the first time, this winter, and each time the prognostication has failed to materialize… only once have we had appreciable snow. It is becoming a challenge to keep the faith with your unpredictabilty.
Nevertheless, I have gone through our “Preparedness Plan”, we are well stocked, have made sure that the neighbors have their needs covered and the livestock will have feed and good bedding/shelter if the projected storm arrives tonight.
Yes, I do feel like you have cried ‘Wolf!’, but since we have been out here in the back of beyond without power and unable to travel for several days, I will continue to be ready for Nature to do her job and pound us with her fury.
It’s a lot better and easier to be ready when the store is 40 miles away…
We will thank you for your efforts to keep us safe, await whatever comes as ready as we can be, and hope for the best.
FYI, We were really really wanting to get the greenhouse started, not battle ice and snow this week.
Just so you know ;).

I’ve been listening all day to the reports of Winter Storm Nero and its impending arrival. It is not going to do anything where I live, we are having some much needed rain and it is supposed to get a little colder tonight, but nothing serious.
I was thinking, though, of what Hubby and I do when a big snow or ice storm is expected. Since we do not have the luxury of running a few blocks to the store to grab milk, bread and such…
First is to make sure there is plenty of propane, for heat and cooking. When we had wood heat, a good stack was always piled on the porch or next to it and covered with a tarp. That way there was some reasonably dry to catch up the fire.
Charge the cell phone and make sure the trusty corded land line phone is hooked up. New batteries for flashlights and the hand crank weather radio close to hand. Kerosene lamps/Coleman lantern prepared and matches or lighter handy.
Jugs of water, if the power goes out our water supply stops. And should that happen, be sure to open water faucets so the pipes do not freeze and break. Leaving the tap open might not keep the line from freezing but will relieve the pressure.
Gasoline for the generator! Our generator won’t power everything, but it will by judicious use, keep the refrigerator and freezers going enough to keep food safe.
Food, well, I am not a horder, but we have plenty. We might go short on a few things but we can make do.
Food for the animals: dogs, chickens and pigs. And make sure the straw for bedding is refreshed
Not least of my prep, is books and craft supplies to keep occupied. Again if the pow.er is out the satellite and internet are too.
Most of this is our perpetual prep. Ice storms, blizzards, remains of hurricanes and derechos have left us in the varied places we have lived with impassable roads and no power for days and even a couple of weeks, and I figure it is easier to have it and not need it than need and not have…
As long as the roof and walls hold we are good, so far God has taken care of that and keeping us safe.
If Nemo is headed your way, please stay safe!