I have found another Alzheimer’s related blog. https://daditsliam.wordpress.com/

There are many others wandering around in this deadly mist, and many bloggers sharing the journey. Good to know I am not as alone as I often feel!

I’m looking for beacons right now. Things have moved from independence to a cane and sometimes, wheeled walker, from careful of bodily needs to needing to change sheets and mop the bedroom pretty much daily. Maybe they will improve again, maybe not.

My heart aches – a lot. Sharing with family is hard, how much does everone really need to know?

This past week, a doc apppointment. I did not even try to get him to ‘dress’. Just put on some clean pajamas. Words I never expected to say!

This has happened in a matter of weeks. We do have home help, even with that this is a rough road.

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