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Yesterday, my sister and I went down some old dirt roads together.

One stop took me back some 50+ years, as we found and photographed a house much like my in-laws when Hubby and I first wed. That house had no electricity, no water running from a tap. It held respect, knowledge and caring people, for which I am forever grateful.

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All this picture needs is me and Granny,sitting on the porch, enjoying the summer afternoon. Feeling the breeze, listening to cicadas and birds sing, a glass of cold well water in hand. Knowing a ‘canning’ of green beans, one of tomatoes, and a batch of pickles are sealing in the kitchen. The wood stove is cooling down, dishes done up, floor is swept…nothing to do for an hour or two, until supper. At peace with the world.

I know I have mentioned that it has been hot and dry here on Sunrise Ridge.

So hot and dry the chickens have been standing around the run off from the air conditioner. They line up to stand in the water and dsrink even though we are keeping fresh water out for them.

The poor plant in the picture is one of my hibiscus, it should at this time of year have lovely deep red blooms, but you can see it is just barely getting by right now.

It’s almost August, summer is about half way through and we are still hoping for the drought to end and looking forward to cooler weather – one of these days!


Yesterday afternoon, a group of ladies, including myself, got together at a neighbor’s house. Our ‘Goal’ was to transform several half bushel boxes of lovely fresh peaches into ‘winter food’.                                                        

Swathed in aprons, armed with knives, we began.

Peeling, pitting, packing, chatter, comfort, camaraderie.

Gather round the table, meet friends old and new.

Bowls quickly fill and empty.

So we shared a ‘frolic’, good company, and a good outcome.

This activity will be repeated through the summer, not always with peaches, nor at the same house.

As Gram used to say, “Many hands make light work”.  I believe she was right.


Wow, it’s crazy out there! Things are growing fast and ripening ahead of schedule this year! Simple pleasure, enjoying the outdoor bounty in the fields and local woodlands.

Been picking black and blue berries, bagging them up and tossing them in the freezer almost every day.  some of course, also find their way into canning jars on shelves in ‘the back room.

Jelly, cobblers, muffins to come… I do love this time of year, don’t you?

An added bonus too, when you get to enjoy something like this while you are out there

Feel free to grab a bucket, swipe on some sassafrass to repel the bugs and join us on Sunrise Ridge, for all the grandness and some fine wild food.

You’re welcome here.