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If you read the recent post, “Green beans in a jar”, you know that I had some great help and fun with canning vegetables this summer.
Grandson Erick entered a jar of green beans and one of tomatoes in his local county fair last week.
I proudly add pictures of his blue ribbon winners.
green beans

Erick ribbon

My beautiful picture
This little fellow was a recent visitor ‘out back’ in the woods east of our home on Sunrise Ridge.

In a Stew

Don’t you love summer? All that beautiful fresh produce coming form the garden to the kitchen?
Tomatoes seem to be pretty plentiful right now here on Sunrise Ridge. I thought I had better get some into jars, we sure can’t eat them fast enough! I decided to make some stewed tomatoes for later on.
So it began. Half an ice cream bucket of tomatoes, peeled and chopped, a cup or so of chopped onions, some celery, garlic and salt all went into a pot to simmer for a bit. Oh, it smelled so good!
Washed up some jars and prepared the lids while that cooked.
Filled up the jars, and put them into the water bath canner. Nice to have a reasonably cool morning to do this so the kitchen is not so steamy hot.
It didn’t seem like nearly as hard a job as it sounds when I describe it! I enjoy the process, the results and the idea that once more, I have good food on the pantry shelf ready to use.

Sometimes, it is funny how my mind works.
It all started today, when my daughter, Tara Banks, posted this on her blog. I highly recommend that you click the link and read the post.
Reading it brought back a lot of memories. Mother used to make these ‘toad in a holes’ on her big square griddle, and in later years we would whip them out to hungry kids while camping.
Enjoying many a sunrise on the river or at the beach, Hubby and I used a cast iron skillet for the delicious morsels. Sometimes on the trusty Coleman stove and more often over an open fire nest to the coffeepot. Kids waited patiently, or not for their plates to be filled.
The thought of those camping trips reminded me of some books we bought long ago. Dian Thomas produced “Roughing it Easy” and “Roughing it Easy 2”. I went to look and sure enough I do have them! Worn and well used.
That led me to a search on Amazon.com. Both books are still available.
If you are a seasoned camper or are thinking about it for the first time, there are many fun and interesting ideas to make your trip more enjoyable.

The prompt for August 7 was 8 o’clock. Luckily we arrived at the river at 7:56 giving me time to get out of the truck and snap a photo at 8 AM!

The prompt for August 8 was’ glasses’.

From our camping place I got to enjoy the river through my rose colored glasses as the sun came up.

The photo prompt is ‘one’, so I chose this wild ginger flower taken back in March when things were blooming and full of promise. It was a wonderful Spring day, filled with the grandness of a trip to the river.

My second choice was this more recent photo of one lone apple, clinging to a barren tree in our yard. The tree is sorely compromised by our dry hot Summer weather. The apple seems to be enjoying the blessing of a small shower of rain.

Sunday Dinner, often with a number of friends and family. Chicken and dumplings, fresh tomatoes, green beans cooked with new potatoes.

The kids were shooed outside to play, happy shouts, bare feet, rope swings and hop scotch scrathed in the dirt.

Menfolk gathered on the porch, maybe a baseball game on the radio, or just to visit before the work week began. Possibly taking turn about cranking the ice cream freezer.

W0men and older girls in the kitchen, dishes washed and put away, left overs covered with a clean table cloth for those who might need a snack.

Good times, good memories. What ever happened?


It’s hot here on Sunrise Ridge! Summer is upon us and we are on day 9 of 100+ degree heat.

Miss Lily has decided it is too hot to lay on the ground and has appropriated one of the chairs under the maple tree.

To learn more about this challenge or to read other entries go here: http://madison-woods.com/flash-fiction/forbidden-100-words/

Collecting Jewels 

“Let’s git going”, Granny said, “Daylight’s wastin’!”

Hot already, sun beats down

Picking berries, filling buckets

“Careful”, she cautions, “watch for snakes!”

Sweat rolls, bugs bite, briar scratch

And finally home; but not to rest!

Pump some water, clean and sort.

She chucks wood into the old stove,

Steaming hot! What’s the point,

I wonder, filling up the jars.

Lids tight, into boiling water.

Then I know!

When these red jewels mix with

Sugar, cornstarch.

A bowl with

Flour, lard, deft use of rolling pin

Cobbler in the oven.

Sweet taste of summer

Watching the snow drift down.