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It was not quite like the Ray Stevens song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K16fG1sDagU but it did bring this to mind in quite a unique way.
On a bright Sunday morning, it is not unusual to walk into church and be greeted with a variety of scents. People are dressed up, and aftershave, perfume and lotions have been applied.
Yesterday however, at our little rural church parishoners were greeted with something completely different and sinus opening. The church basement had been visited this week by a skunk, and this little black and white vandal had left its mark! The odor permeated the small building!
Febreeze and open windows on a chilly February morning got us through the morning service, without a hitch. In fact, we had a great and moving service.
Pastor has determined the unwelcome guest was no longer in the basement and the hole it had used to access the space has been closed.
At least we all hope so!

Our day began gray and wet, the clouds were leaking, thunder rumbled.
Dawn’s early light was slow to arrive under the sodden sky, as I prepared omelets for breakfast, my mind slipped back to a time when my brother and I ‘carried the papers’, as young entreprenuers in Lincoln Nebraska.
Sunday mornings, Dad would jar us out of bed about 4:30, the bundles of papers arrived on the corner two blocks away at 5 and had to be rolled and prepared. Our method was to load up the American Flyer wagon and trudge out on the route. On Sundays, it was not considered proper to toss the papers, each one needed to be carried to the subscribers porch. In bad weather, they were placed between the storm and entry door, and it must be done very quietly so as not to wake sleeping households.
Once done, we headed for home, Dad and Mom would have breakfast ready most Sundays when we arrived, but on the ocassional morning with a grand sunrise and fair weather, the parents and all 5 of us kids would load up in the old stationwagon, a stop was made at Klein’s Bakery for fresh made doughnuts and we were whisked away to one of the city parks for breakfast and play before the crowds arrived.