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The ‘honey-do list’ has been revised

The famed. ‘honey-do list’ has taken on a new meaning here on Sunrise Ridge.

Rather than it being a list of things I would like Hubby to do, it has evolved into a check list for me to be able to show Hubby what has been done.

Each day, he has a number of things he wants done, and will ask multiple times if they have been done. “Did you make that phone call, is this bill paid, have I had my lunch, do we need to go somewhere…”, are just examples and it varies from day to day.

I ‘ve started to write it down, the ‘everyday’ things , like shower and clean your hearing aids, and his specific requests of the day, ‘what’s for lunch?’. Then as they are completed or attempted I can check it off or make a note of continuance.

It seems to help that I can show him a hard copy of what was done, how we need to proceed. It seems to be an efficient calming strategy at least this week.

In spite of all the fuss, false starts and fury of wind and snow, it appears Spring has arrived on Sunrise Ridge.
How do I know? Well of course, I do not, but the peaches have started to bloom.

peach blossom

peach blossom

Although nothing is planted, the greenhouse is started and work preparing the garden has begun.
A little travel shows that fishermen and women are out, enjoying the warmer days and trying to fill stringers.
Let's go fishing

Let’s go fishing

Yet, I have not heard the gobble of wild turkeys early in the mornings, and I wait in expectation for it.
The sounds of evening include peep frogs and owls, I remain still impatient for the return of the whip-poor-wills, but these fulfilled promises encourage me.
They will come!

Over the past few days, there have been some spectacular moments here on Sunrise Ridge. I have been blessed to be able to capture some with the camera to share with you.
I hope you enjoy.

incredible sunset

incredible sunset

watching the brush fire

watching the brush fire

The full moon slides behind the trees The full moon slides behind the trees[/caption]

New Tenants

The bluebirds are arriving

The bluebirds are arriving

Today, I noted the arrival of the first eastern bluebirds to Sunrise Ridge this year.
Early on, I could hear the male calling to inform others that he was staking his territory as he f9litted through the bare branches outside the window.
A bit later, Hubby and I were outside and we caught sight of a prospective new tenant checking the nest box on the pine tree.
We will be watching to see what happens.
For more information about bluebirds, please click on the link:

        Snack, the dictionary says it is a hurried or light meal

Recently, with all the things blooming here on Sunrise Ridge, there have been plenty of guests coming by to enjoy just that!

I’m really not sure about their eating habits.

I know that if it was not for these visitors to the flowers, there would be not blackberries and blueberries for me to enjoy snacking on later.   The blessings that remind me of Springtime and Summer when winter shows up.I certainly do not begrudge them a taste of pollen or nectar, knowing that I too will reap some tasty benefits.

And the lovely hummingbirds that stop so often at the feeder to sip and brighten up the day.Or the rabbit who has been stopping by for a snack of clover and to entertain with antics running around the yard.

 A new month begins and a new list of photo prompts from http://www.fatmumslim.com.au/ to thnk about.


“Peace” is today’s topic. After giving that some consideration, I thought about how peaceful and special life is here on Sunrise Ridge, so I want to share a photo collage that I like to call “my life in a minute’