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I love the early mornings. The kitchen is my spot, cup and Bible close at hand.
Sitting in the quiet darkness, my only companions the dogs, my coffee, time for meditation, prayers and then computer time.
This morning, as I sipped my caffinated drink, waiting for sunrise I could hear geese flying over and a symphony of owls.
The geese seem to be heading north, perhaps better predictors of spring arriving than the resident rodent of Pennsylvania.
The owls, I’m not sure if they are in an amorous mood, or telling one another about the nights hunting efforts. Whichever it might be, I enjoy hearing them sing to me.
The haunting soudns reach me, make me feel safe.
Of course, I must admit, I am looking forward to hearing the peep frogs and whip-poor-wills to begin the harmony of spring and summertime.

Our day began gray and wet, the clouds were leaking, thunder rumbled.
Dawn’s early light was slow to arrive under the sodden sky, as I prepared omelets for breakfast, my mind slipped back to a time when my brother and I ‘carried the papers’, as young entreprenuers in Lincoln Nebraska.
Sunday mornings, Dad would jar us out of bed about 4:30, the bundles of papers arrived on the corner two blocks away at 5 and had to be rolled and prepared. Our method was to load up the American Flyer wagon and trudge out on the route. On Sundays, it was not considered proper to toss the papers, each one needed to be carried to the subscribers porch. In bad weather, they were placed between the storm and entry door, and it must be done very quietly so as not to wake sleeping households.
Once done, we headed for home, Dad and Mom would have breakfast ready most Sundays when we arrived, but on the ocassional morning with a grand sunrise and fair weather, the parents and all 5 of us kids would load up in the old stationwagon, a stop was made at Klein’s Bakery for fresh made doughnuts and we were whisked away to one of the city parks for breakfast and play before the crowds arrived.

The prompt for August 7 was 8 o’clock. Luckily we arrived at the river at 7:56 giving me time to get out of the truck and snap a photo at 8 AM!

The prompt for August 8 was’ glasses’.

From our camping place I got to enjoy the river through my rose colored glasses as the sun came up.

Friday is here! Time for another round of Friday Fictioneers, driven by Madison Woods. You can find her blog and more information on the weekly challenge here: http://madison-woods.com/index-of-stories/outside-pecos/

There are also links there to lead you to other 100 or so word stories and poems as we each create our own unique look at the photo.  This weeks photo is by Amanda Gray.


The wind sings

In the still

Early morning,

I hear echoes

Of laughter and of tears.

Feel a moment of joy,

Another of fear!

Imagination smells a cook fire

Sees a family

Rising to greet a new day.

I watch the sun rise

Casting rose-gold light

On the ruined adobe.

Herded away like sheep

By blue clad horsemen.

Cast into a world

Of broken promises.

The wind sings music,

Heartbreak, sad history!

I wonder as you stand

Silent and alone.

Who was here?

Who called this ‘home’?

The soldiers give

Then take away.

Greed prevailed

Leaving only this,

Reminder of  time past.



The best part of my day is the time I take my coffee out to the porch, meditate, praise the Lord and pray for family, friends and special needs.

All my senses are awake and aware. Listening to and enjoying the glory of God’s  creation and feeling the peace that passeth understanding. The scents carried on the wind, the warmth or coolness that touches my skin, the sight of daylight coming up over Sunrise Ridge. The taste of that first cup of coffee.

Each new day brings its own wonder, its unique moment. its own color and beauty. I take pleasure in this time, casting away cares, making plans for the present, the gift I have been given with the new day.

Last time I checked, six o’clock comes twice a day…

So in honor of that fact, I submit 6 in the morning

And 12 hours later we have 6 in the evening That is pretty much how the world works on Sunrise Ridge

These are the ‘resident rabbits’ that spend a lot of time in the front yard these days. Usually they are out and about around sunrise and sunset,

They seem to prefer the clover in the yard to other things. Have not seen any rabbit damage in the garden, at least they seem to be more polite than the deer.



What an easy prompt today! I am a morning person, an early morning person to be honest about it. I usually greet the sun in some way as it comes up over Sunrise Ridge, or where ever I happen to be.

It’s really no surprise that I have lots of photos of the day beginning, I share a lot of them with people who are not so fortunate as to live out where God sends his glory and beauty like he does here.

This morning, Hubby and I were out on the porch just as it began to get light and our resident rabbit pair were in the yard dining on the blooming clover.One was kind enough to allow me to take several pictures before the chickens came out and won the rights of supremacy over the space under the plum trees.

Watching their antics, brought a smile to our faces and a lift to our hearts.


I could probably have a contest with this prompt. What can I personally do without?

Cell phone, unlike most of the people I know, I don’t even have one.

Electricity, that would be inconvenient, but after a storm a few years back we were out for 11 days, and managed without too much trouble… yes I missed the computer, but I got by.

Friends and family, that would be almost impossible, too. I value those I love very highly and would not want to be without them! But scattered all over the world or nearby, there is no way to picture them all…

After much thought, I guess the thing I really could not live without are water, to drink, nourish and enjoy, everything relies on that!

I would hate to do without the glorious sunrises that start my days. But I suppose I ‘could’.

These are God’s wonderful gifts and promises, constantly renewed! Like my relationship with Him, something I cannot do without!

The coffee is a blessing too, but I can and have in some instances done without it and like mush else gotten along. It’s funny when you stop to think, how much we have and take for granted; how simple the true necessities are.