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The ‘honey-do list’ has been revised

The famed. ‘honey-do list’ has taken on a new meaning here on Sunrise Ridge.

Rather than it being a list of things I would like Hubby to do, it has evolved into a check list for me to be able to show Hubby what has been done.

Each day, he has a number of things he wants done, and will ask multiple times if they have been done. “Did you make that phone call, is this bill paid, have I had my lunch, do we need to go somewhere…”, are just examples and it varies from day to day.

I ‘ve started to write it down, the ‘everyday’ things , like shower and clean your hearing aids, and his specific requests of the day, ‘what’s for lunch?’. Then as they are completed or attempted I can check it off or make a note of continuance.

It seems to help that I can show him a hard copy of what was done, how we need to proceed. It seems to be an efficient calming strategy at least this week.

Don’t let the rain get you down

Rain! Rain and another day of rain! We are kind of tired of it.

Once again, there were plans, and they had to be changed, postponed, moved around.

So we change things, a big round of cooking. Why not? It’s National Apple Pie day. Sadly, there are no apples here today. So, modify!

There is cherry pie filling and some refrigerated pie crust in the fridge. We can’t let that go to waste!

Crust, cut into circles or squares about 4 inches across. A generous tablespoon of filling, fold top over and crimp the edges.

A couple of inches of oil heated to 350 degrees, fry your pies two or three at a time, until golden. Add a glaze or dust with powdered sugar.

It may be best to do this when no one is about. I have discovered there can be a traffic jam somewhere in your vicinity as you try to finish frying pies.

It was fun, we had some laughs as we cooked. Now to hide the rest of them for after dinner!

Day 10

Has it been that long? Yes, since hubby decided we needed to stay haome and avoid the virus.

I’ll admit it is not the mowst fun thing I’ve ever done. I’m not a social butterfly, but I did enjoy running in to a neighbor, friend or family member from time to time.

Our grandson was married today, thanks to streaming video we were able to see him and his lovely bride take their vows and cut the cake.

A young neighbor messaged this morning, she was going to have to make a trip and wanted to know if I needed anything. Normall, I would have siad no, we are ok, but I realized while there was nothing we ‘had to have’, a loaf of bread would make my life easier and a tomato would be fine in a salad or on a sandwich in the next few days.

So I said, I could use these things, if they can be found. We need to feel like we are helping each other. For my part, due to the bread shortage two pans of yeast rolls came out of the oven this afternoon.

When our nighbor arrived on the porch, the required 6 feet away, I put a pan of fresh yeast rolls on the porch rail in trade.

Win, win I think.

It’s good to see community coming together.

It’s important to breathe…

I want to encourage everyone to get some fresh air and exercise.

You don’t have to run a 5 k or anything like that. Fresh air, sunshine (if available) and a change of scenery can do wonders for your body and spirit. Here we had clouds and a brisk breeze, so there was a reason for a light jacket.

My walk today was out across the yard to the mail box, not much but I dawdled on the way to enjoy the blossoms and greening grass.

Birds are dancing around the feeders and the bird boxes are being checked by interested couples ready to start families.

I sat for a bit on the porch to peruse a seed catalog. Old Glry was streamng straight in the breeze and the wind chimes plinked a relaxing tune.

Yes, it did the heart and mind a lot of good.

Another Wooden Spoon passes on

Yesterday, was once again, birthday celebration day for a great grand.

Grandson, his fiancee, Karlie, two great-grands, Parker and Sarah, and Karlie’s 9 year old brother, Draven, arrived early, laden with baking supplies and entusiasm.

As the greats, went through the litany of “wash your hands and get your aprons on”, adults made sure the necessary supplies were in place.

The bowl for the big stand mixer is set on the table, box of eggs, the cooking oil, and necessary measuring cups. Then I get to sit down, with my kitchen queen crown on and obsere, with few reminders. Seven, eight and our novice nine year old, measured, premixed and prepared the first cake batter.

Karlie, put it on the mixer for the final beating. While this was happening, the youngsters prepared pans, one 9X13 and both large and mini cupcakes. Each one had a pan, Parker was happy to assist his uncle Draven in learning the proper methods.

Cup cake pans are set aside for the moment as Karlie fills the big pan. Each one chooses a food color and a few drops go on the batter, given a toothpick, each swirls thier color through the cake. “Voila,” says Sarah, “it’s ready to bake!”

One cake in the oven, it’s time to do cupcakes. We use the same method, but this time the bowl comes back to the table with measuring scoops for cupcakes and some swift math. For fairness sake, each cook fills 4 large and 8 small cupcakes. then of course, the question of who gets the beaters and who gets the bowl. (So you don’t have to wonder, Sarah chose the bowl. “Ladies first”, Draven remineded)

There’s a little batter left, it goes in a 6 inch pan. Kids are herded outside in the sunshine while cakes bake and cool

Back in the house, once agian with clean hands Frosting is divided inot bowls,, kids pick colors and work those in, soon each has 3 large and 5 small cakes to decorate, oh, yes, colored sugar and sprinkles are available. THe reason they do not get them all to ice, some people here do not like frosting and some are diabetic and do not need it.

Draven cose green, “That’s my favorite color”, and Parker said it was his too. Sarah has a dark puplish black, and Parker has red.

At this point, (Breaks my heart in a way) Draven asks ” Gramma, do you think sometime we could make a cake like this for me?” It’s not that he has not had birthday cakes, not at all! this is just different.

Cupcakes are finished and plated. Karlie and Randy allow kids to frost the big cake white, then take up the decorating details.

Before long there is a PokEBall cake on the table.

There is one little lonely cake left, there is a nine year old who really wants a ‘birthday’ cake. The last of the white icing goes on, Draven’s name in the center, some red and green dots and ribbons and an incredibly big smile!

Randy puts candles on Parker and Draven’s cakes and even one in a cupcake for Sarah, We sing, they blow out the flames.

And Karlie, who is a first rate kitchen helper, gets the highly coveted wooden spoon award.