Today, February 24, 2013, marks the ‘arrival of Spring’ to many folks I know. It has nothing to do with the melting of ice and snow, the appearance of green sprouts or delicate blossoms of flowers.
Today is the running of the Great American Race, better known as NASCAR’s Daytona 500! Built up by ‘speed weeks’ of minor races, practices and final fine tuning, millions of people sat in the stands, by computers, smart phones or TV’s to hear that long-awaited phrase, “Drivers, start your engines” which on this occasion was hashed up as “Drivers and Danica, start your engines”. Depending on your outlook, a cutting chauvinistic remark or a silly error on the part of the grand marshal. I hope it was just an error, not a slur.
I applaud Danica Patrick, for her courage and skill. She may not have won the race, but she did well, and hopefully proved to the unlearned that she IS a ‘DRIVER’ and a contender.
After the wreck during last night’s Nationwide race that sent fans to the hospital, one of the CNN commentators was interviewing a woman about her ‘non-traditional’ occupation , teaching gun safety and shooting skills. He made a similar error, pointing out that both she and Danica Patrick were doing jobs that belonged to men.
I thought those ideas went out of date, back before I was born, when the ladies went to work so the men could go to war. Maybe I am wrong?
Women’s History Month begins in March. We have made many strides; there is always room for improvement. Women are not second-class!
As Charlotte Whitton said: “For a woman to get half as much credit as a man, she has to work twice as hard, and be twice as smart. Fortunately, that isn’t difficult.” It seems to still be true.
I know many women who have worked ‘non-traditional’ jobs. I am proud to have sawmill work on my personal resume. What about you, ladies?