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Years ago, our family and many others made frequent trips to this little spring to bring home water for household use. Back then, the water came down a moss – covered wooden trough and flowed across the road to the creek.
Often the kids played in the creek while the adults filled the water containers. I remember more than once, hearing my grandmother say, “I wish we could turn it off, so it won’t run out.”

Spout Spring, B Highway, Reynolds County MO

Spout Spring, B Highway, Reynolds County MO

I have no idea when the trough was replaced by pipe, I had not been there in years, but this morning while Hubby and I wandered about, we thought it would be a good plan to stop by for a drink and a look.

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I followed the pipe up under some rocks and found the ‘real’ spring flowing out of the hillside. May-apple umbrella leaves have sprung up around it and some water cress is growing in the tiny pool formed before it runs into the pipe.

We were a lot more conscious and conservative of our water use back then. Each use was considered and each drop accounted for, not like we are today, with a seemingly endless supply at the turn of the tap.

I took an empty water bottle from the truck, filled it and enjoyed a deep satisfying quaff of cold clear water. Ah, the taste, and even more the memories.

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This weeks picture by Renee Heath gave me lots of thoughts before I came up with this.
On the boardwalk (historical)
Bump, thud, bounce!
I stopped, looking past the boardwalk,
Out to the sandy beach.
In that moment, my 90 years fell away,
I became a tender and frightened lad.
The beach I saw was covered in blood and broken bodies
D-Day! The horror of those moments
Never goes away.
I turn the wheelchair away from the scene
Cannon, long silent, thunder again in my mind.

Yesterday, I was out on a field trip with a friend of mine.

We ventured over to Rocky Falls, near Current River,  part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverway. This natural wonder is located a few miles from Highway 106 between Ellington and Eminence Missouri. Take Highway H to Highway N and enjoy the beauty. The hot dry summer had made the falls less pronounced from lack of water, but seeing and hearing it rush over the rocks and down into the still pool below was a nice treat.

We ventured farther up the creek and followed a steep trail up and over the creek branch to the top of the falls. Dampnes and moss made some of the footing a bit slippery. But the view was well worth the hike!

After we reached solid, more stable terrain we drove further along N highway to a fork in the road where the pavement ends. We drove up County Road 422A and came upon Klepzig Mill. At one time this mill had a concrete diversion area for the mill pond, that remains, and a building stands, without the millworks that had once been underneath.



Rain! That’s right, I said RAIN! Our first real rain since sometime in May.

We had a show of lightning and thunder and  with it some wonderful falling water last night. Three-quarters of an inch is not enough to ‘save’ things, but as I looked out this morning to dripping leaves and a tinge of green across the food plot, I knew we were blessed.

I can only imagine how the wildlife must feel today. Water holes have been renewed and there may be some fresh tender shoots coming up for them to eat.

Everyone here on Sunrise Ridge feels ‘better’ today. Cool, washed air leads to pleasant thoughts.

I know I have mentioned that it has been hot and dry here on Sunrise Ridge.

So hot and dry the chickens have been standing around the run off from the air conditioner. They line up to stand in the water and dsrink even though we are keeping fresh water out for them.

The poor plant in the picture is one of my hibiscus, it should at this time of year have lovely deep red blooms, but you can see it is just barely getting by right now.

It’s almost August, summer is about half way through and we are still hoping for the drought to end and looking forward to cooler weather – one of these days!



How much pain rests in the empty place that was my heart?

I sit here, watching the water race through the rocks, seeking peace.

Silvery, translucent in the rising light, sparkling sequins rest, then float away on gossamer wings

Like the dreams I held dear.

I will not stand at the grave weeping useless tears.

Like the damselfly, I will come from this torment, become a new being.

No longer drab nymph; fully formed in beauty.

Darkness beckoned, but I put down the gun.

I choose to live, to embrace hope, to fly!

Once again, Friday is fast approaching. Madison Woods has issued the weekly challenge and photo prompt for the Friday Fictioneers. For more information and to read other entries just click on this link: http://madison-woods.com/flash-fiction/damsel-fly/

Take two parents, four grown daughters and an assortment of grandchildren. Toss in some other friends and relatives… Stories, hopes, dreams and laughter and sometimes even a tear

Mix them with tents and camping gear at a favorite place. Throw in a trout stream, swimming hole and s’mores on the camp fire, of course there will be at least a snake somewhere to scare everyone… and maybe a raccoon to snatch up a snack. Birds and butterflies add a bit of brilliant decoration.

Now remove electronics, no cell phone service, and you have to hike to the camp site…

What do you have?

The BEST time!

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It could not be better! Hot, humid and hazy, more like July than May it’s a lovely day to think of being on the river

But I am not, instead I am here on Sunrise Ridge, looking at some blackberries that need to go in a bucket and become something wonderful before it gets too hot to be outside.

I could probably have a contest with this prompt. What can I personally do without?

Cell phone, unlike most of the people I know, I don’t even have one.

Electricity, that would be inconvenient, but after a storm a few years back we were out for 11 days, and managed without too much trouble… yes I missed the computer, but I got by.

Friends and family, that would be almost impossible, too. I value those I love very highly and would not want to be without them! But scattered all over the world or nearby, there is no way to picture them all…

After much thought, I guess the thing I really could not live without are water, to drink, nourish and enjoy, everything relies on that!

I would hate to do without the glorious sunrises that start my days. But I suppose I ‘could’.

These are God’s wonderful gifts and promises, constantly renewed! Like my relationship with Him, something I cannot do without!

The coffee is a blessing too, but I can and have in some instances done without it and like mush else gotten along. It’s funny when you stop to think, how much we have and take for granted; how simple the true necessities are.